Mary’s Sampler, Finale


Who's there?


Mary who?

What do you mean, Mary who? Where have you been for the last 9 weeks?


And so we arrive at the last section of our Sunday Mystery Sampler. I hope you've enjoyed yourself, and that the pace has been manageable for you. And if not, then I do hope you're able to find some time for yourself to sit still and stitch a little on something that brings you joy… stitching is certainly a lovely therapy for this bustling season we're in, and I thank The Lord for allowing me the pleasure of it.

Week 9 Scripture




Download Week 9 Scripture
Download SMS Week 9 PRINTOUT


Download Week 9 Scripture

ETA: On Mary's Sampler II, you'll find a misplaced symbol in the flower. Just move this symbol down one square, and you'll be all set. 🙂


IMG_9184 tp

I had quite a fretful time waiting for Mary to arrive this week, as it was temporarily lost in the mail system… in the end, however, it turned up on my doorstep, and I was thrilled with what Sherri at Total Framing had done with it! I asked her to surprise me, and she chose to use this elegant gold lip (gold, a gift for the King!) surrounded by a rich, distressed wood (suggestive of the rugged cross God's Lamb would eventually face). Thank you so much, Sherri.. you have outdone yourself yet again.

And I thank you for spending your Sundays with me these past 9 weeks. This sampler "journey" has been a delight for me, and I'm so grateful to you all for your kind words and for sharing your progress with me each week. I hope you've enjoyed stitching this little sampler, and that when you look at your finished piece, you'll remember that He is the Light of the world – not just at Christmas time, but every day of the year.

May you have His joy this season.

Love, Paulette

49 Replies to “Mary’s Sampler, Finale”

  1. Good Morning. First I want to thank you for sharing this wonderful design with all of us, I have love working on it. I love how yours looks with the frame, it is beautiful. I will do this again and do #2 next time. I love the red flower motif. Merry Christmas to you and your family, and of course Happy Thanksgiving. Hugs, Sandi

  2. Thanks so much Paulette for your generosity of blessing all of us with your beautiful sampler! It has been such a gift each week to open up the newest present from you to all of us. I look forward to displaying this for the holidays especially for our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ:-)
    God Bless You & Your Family,
    Tammy (West Liberty, OH)

  3. Although I’m 2 weeks behind, I can’t wait to see how it turns out. Reading the verses and looking at “the pretty, pretty Jesus pictures” is something our small grand-daughter looks forward to every week. Thank you so much for such a lovely piece and for sharing it with all of your fans.

  4. Thank you so much for this freebie! I have so enjoyed stitching it.Looking forward to having it framed.Happy Thanksgiving and a blessed Christmas to you and yours! Denise

  5. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! Thank you so much for sharing your talent and your time with Mary’s sampler. Your framed piece made me teary! What a wonderful finish. I have some housework to do this morning….and then I’ll be working on the finish too.

  6. Although I have not been stitching alomg with you all (other committments!) I have absolutely loved seeing all the different versions across the blogs in my reader.
    This design seems to have captured the stitching community and given us all a treat in a very dull November.
    I’m downloading the final chart and maybe I can stitch this by Christmas for myself.
    Thank you for your generousity in this lovely gift.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this design and for sharing your talents. At a time when we share the things we are thankful for, I count you and your talents among them. Happy Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    p.S. Hope to see you again next year in Park City!

  8. Thank you so much for sharing this with us all – both versions are gorgeous! I am a little behind but plan to catch up this week. Your sampler looks lovely on the black & in that very fitting frame. Wishing you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving week 🙂

  9. Oh, oh, oh! I just got here to print out this last addition and….what a surprise, a border! I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me that there would be a border! Love it. Thank You Paulette! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! I think I’m going to miss coming here every Sunday!

  10. Thank you so much, Paulette, for this lovely gift! I’ve had so much fun stitching each week, and I’ve actually kept up! Hope you and yours have a wonderful, blessed Christmas. Let’s do this again next year! Now I’m off to start the border.

  11. Ack! The red! The red! Beautiful! I have the fabric (that black stuff you used), don’t have the fibers. Haven’t stitched a stitch. But I plan to. I hope. At some point. lol! Thanks — I’ve enjoyed this, even when not stitching it!

  12. Paulette, Thank you so much for sharing your love for God and your talent with us for these past nine weeks. It has been pure joy stitching along with you. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Merry Christmas and God bless you! Penny Shepherd, New Lebanon, OH

  13. Paulette, thank you so much again for taking us on this little journey over the past nine weeks. Nine weeks ago I couldn’t believe it was only nine weeks until Thanksgiving and now look where we are! I love love love this little sampler, and each week it has been such a pleasure to spend a Sunday with you, reading scripture, and reflecting on God’s love while I stitched. I can’t thank you enough, my friend!

  14. I have so loved stitching this design Paulette! Thank you for designing this 9 part stitch! and a stitch that begins with the story of Jesus’ Birth. I love the frame. I have to stitch my part 9, then I will be all set to frame and hang for the Christmas Season.. Thank you!

  15. I must add my thank you to all the others. I have kept up and only need to stitch the final words and border. I love this and it will be a favorite of mine for years to come.

  16. Thank you so much Paulette for the wonderful gift you have shared with us these past nine weeks. This piece gives us so much to reflect on as we head into the season of Advent. I have enjoyed every single stitch!
    I love the way the design looks on the darker fabric. I just may have to order some and stitch it again!
    I hope you and your family have a very blessed Thanksgiving.

  17. I just landed on your blog, Paulette and Mary’s Sampler is beautiful! What a special gift to all that participated in the stitching journey these past weeks. I’m a faithful follower now and hope you will consider another stitch along in the future. I will be part of it! God’s blessings to you!

  18. Thank you so much for this sampler. I have been excited each week for another piece to this puzzle. Now complete…so pretty. Got my fabric and threads ready to stitch it. Thanks again I really appreciate you doing this for us.

  19. Dear Paulette Thank you for all the work you did on this Mystery Sampler, it is beautiful! As soon as I complete yesterdays additions I will be done!!!! I spoke with Sheri at Total Framing today and my frame is ordered. Again thank you so much and my best wishes for a wonderful holiday season to you and your family.

  20. I’ve had so much fun each Sunday morning waking quietly before anyone and sneaking to the printer for the next steps!! Thank you for your time and talents for this fun sampler. It has been so fun!

  21. Many many thanks Paulette .I have loved seeing this evolve. I loved the idea of the scripture readings as well.
    Blessings for the Christmas season to you and yours from Australia

  22. Thank you so much, Paulette–this has been such a joy! For you to share your time and talent in this way has been such a blessing. I have my hopeful face on: maybe you’ll do it again next year!

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