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Hold that Pose.

Sophie and I headed out to the wooded area by the lake last week so I could take some photos, and I had such a fun time with her.. despite how self-conscious she is when I'm taking her picture, she manages to have a little fun and gets me to laughing.

Girl 2 tp

I told her that I would say the name of the store, and she had to pose like their mannequins or ad models, and this is what she came up with…


SpiritHood tp-4


SpiritHood tp-3

Urban Outfitter (known around our house for their corpse-like models):

SpiritHood tp-5

JC Penney (I laughed at this reaction.. clearly not her favorite place to shop):

SpiritHood tp-6


SpiritHood tp-7

Old Navy:

SpiritHood tp-8

I love blurting out things to my girls when I take their picture, just to capture their immediate reactions. (One time I told Sabrina that whomever's name I said, she had to picture giving them a smooch; that was a hilarious experiment, and we got a lot of laughs out of looking through the photos!)

Sophie SpiritHood35E tp

SpiritHood tp-2

As fun as it is for me to take my girls' pictures (much more fun for me than it is for my girls!), there's nothing that makes me smile more than when I remember their laughing. Nothing posed, nothing planned.. just them being them.



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