Mystery Pumpkin

How exciting that the Just Cross Stitch Halloween issue is out! And how sad that I haven't seen it in person yet. 🙁


I've received several emails lately from stitchers wanting to know if they should "stitch the pumpkin to the right of the cart." Unfortunately, I'm not sure what pumpkin you mean, but I don't believe there is supposed to be a pumpkin next to the cart… I stitched the model myself, so just use the model photo as a reference! 🙂

JCS Ghoul Tidings tp 2

JCS Ghoul Tidings tp

Happy early Halloween! 🙂

16 Replies to “Mystery Pumpkin”

  1. At first when I read this I thought what pumpkin? I had to get out my magazine. But there is a pumpkin on the chart in the magazine underneath the 2 without a stem. Which I would have never noticed till I read your post.

  2. I just purchased my copy of the magazine today. And like some have said – there is a pumpkin to the right of the carriage (no stem). But it is charted in black…
    Linda in VA

  3. Okay, my two cents! In my magazine, the graph shows a black pumpkin in the area you’re all saying, but on the model there is no black pumpkin! How funny! Mystery of the day!

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