The Primitive Hare

By now, I'm sure most of you have heard of this wonderful Italian designer and her fabulous style of needlework patterns. I adore her! When I was at the Shepherd's Bush retreat this past October, I picked up my first chart from her collection, and soon afterward she surprised me with an email, telling me of a design of mine she had completed…


I've decided I'm going to try to talk her into designing all my covers. heehee

Check out Isabella's gorgeous blog and all of her patterns, if you haven't already!

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  1. Paulette,
    She was at Pals this past yeaer and I so wanted to go and get to meet her!! I love her designs and her fabric.We got our first shipment of then at Reflections and sold out in one day!! So another order will be on its way soon!! I think she would be awesome designing your pattern covers!! LOL!! Miss you!!!

  2. What a coincidence, I just 3 hours ago purchased my first Primitive Hare pattern from her online shop. I’m anxiously awaiting it to be in my email…however, it’s probably nighttime there, as Italy is way across the world from the Yukon!

  3. My friend you are so talented and I loved so much to stitch this piece :)))
    I’ll be very happy to work on your covers 🙂
    Thanks so much for this lovely post, toooo kind!!!
    A bunch of hugs!

  4. I stitched her first piece from the 2011 JCS Halloween issue “Wicked Night” and love it. I have a weird thing for mermaids and this one is a perfect combination of 2 of my favorite things. How did I miss this design! Good thing there is a sale this weekend at one of the ONS!

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