Catch and Release

Mike has always enjoyed taking the girls fishing at the lake near our house, but since only Sophie is home now, it's just she and her dad these days. I came along this time though, just to see why they're always so happy to go.

Sophie did what any self-respecting girl would do and let her dad put the worm onto the hook.

Fishing with Dad TP-2

Btw, I love my girl's profile.. I've kissed that nose at least a few hundred thousand times.

Fishing with Dad TP-1

Fishing with Dad TP-3

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, this is the lake I'm always running/walking around in the mornings.

Fishing with Dad TP-4

Way to go, Big Papa! He gets just as excited over the little ones as he does the big ones.

Fishing with Dad TP-5

Fishing with Dad TP-6

Fishing with Dad TP-7

Fishing with Dad TP-8

Fishing with Dad TP-9

Great job, Joon!

Fishing with Dad TP-10

Fishing with Dad TP-11

Fishing with Dad TP-12

Joon also lets her dad deal with the task of removing the hook and releasing the fish back into the lake…

Fishing with Dad TP-14

Fishing with Dad TP-16

The setting sun was casting the prettiest glow on everything…

Fishing with Dad TP-20

Fishing with Dad TP-17

Fishing with Dad TP-18

Btw, this container of bait reminded me of when Sabrina was in preschool, and they would give the kids a snack called Dirt and Worms. It looked exactly like this bc it was made of gummi worms buried in Oreo cookie crumbs. However, back then I didn't know such a snack existed, so imagine my surprise (horror) when I asked Sabrina what her school snack was that day, and she answered with her precious lisp, "Duht and wumth."

Fishing with Dad TP-19

Now, whenever I see Mike and Sophie's container of bait, I get hungry.

This is Jimmy's old tackle box, with his glasses still in the same place he left them.

Fishing with Dad TP-21

The last catch of the night was a good one!

Fishing with Dad TP-22

Fishing with Dad TP-23

I was glad I tagged along. Believe it or not, I did actually bring my stitching bag with me, as well as a travel mug of coffee. Mike toted a lawn chair for me to sit in and stitch, but I had so much fun watching these two, I never got a single thread in the fabric.

Oh – and right after I took this photo, I had a Loch Ness moment… a large head was skimming the surface of the water and, for the life of me, I couldn't figure out what it was before it suddenly disappeared. Moments later a beaver broke the surface and clambered up onto the bank across from where Mike and Sophie were fishing. Those things are huge, btw.

Fishing with Dad TP-15

Until next time!

Fishing with Dad TP-13


  • Margaret

    Great pics — looks like such fun! That last fish is so big — wow! lol about the dirt and worms. Who would have thunk? lol!

  • Linda in CO

    Great pics Paulette! That little Sophie is really growing up. The lighting and golden glow really highlighted that little beauty! How fast they grow up and fly away. Looks like a fun family outing for all and thanks, as always, for sharing. (Did Big Papa feed the multitudes with his catch? 🙂 )

  • Sheryl

    what great pictures and memories. Sophie is growing up too fast. She is so pretty. Glad you guys had a great time. Love the sitting sun picture

  • Melanie Daryl

    Wow! That was a nice way to spend some quality time: A day where you go out to fish. My dad and I always went out to fish during weekends and come home with the fish we catch. Some of them we set free because they were too small, but other than that, I had fun doing the things I love. I love my family and I love fishing!

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