We've missed Bre so much since she moved out to western Nebraska to her new life! A few weeks ago she was able to visit us, and she brought along a sweetheart of a guy. Meet Josh…

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Here's what makes him a sweetheart:

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He adores Bre, although she doesn't seem to adore his idea of kidding around sometimes.

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But she seems to be a bit sweet on him anyway.

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We sure enjoyed having these two visit. I've begged them to come back this fall and spend the day at the pumpkin patch with us, perhaps even joining us for our Annual Chills and Chili Night (we watch an old black-and-white "scary" movie, eat chili, and roast marshmallows and s'mores on the fire pit at my parents' house).

The only thing bittersweet about having them visit was having them leave… as we stood in the driveway waving goodbye to their taillights, Mike and I realized that we're doing what our parents have always done in their driveways. I'm just still very lucky that my parents are still around to wave goodbye until we turn the corner and they can't see us any more.

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Come back soon, Bre and Josh!

P.S. Bre's crazy leggings are actually patterned in hex codes. I love them, and wish I could pull something like that off. But if I tried it, my parents – instead of waving goodbye to me in their driveway – would probably get in their car and actually back over me, several times.


  • Margaret

    Ah, the Josh and Bre post! Yay! He’s a cutie! They make a very cute couple. Love the hex code leggings. I had to look up hex codes though. Had no clue what they were. lol!

  • Siobhan

    LOL, you are too funny about your parents! Roasting marshmallows over a firepit after eating chili and watching a scary movie–what fun!
    Bre & Josh look like such a cute couple!

  • Tracey

    They make the perfect couple, and it seems like they love to laugh a lot together 🙂
    As parents it sure makes US happy when our kids are happy, doesn’t it! Thanks for sharing the pics, Paulette… I’ve missed your posts!!

  • Cathryn

    Wow. What a great looking couple. Made me smile from ear to ear. Thanks for sharing them with us Paulette. 😀 Cathryn

  • connie adrian

    I am so glad that you got to have some time with your girl and Josh! I miss Carly so much now that they have moved to Texas!! Bre looks so cute in those Hex leggings and polka dot boots…if I wore that I would wind up for sure as the picture of the day at “people of Wal-Mart!”
    If you need a replacement for Bre at the Pumpkin Patch or Chills and Chili night I will force myself to do it (but only to make you feel better and miss Bre less of course..I wouldn’t be doing it for my own selfish personal reasons!!)and I would even wear that outfit…but only to make you feel better..cuze you know how much I love ya!!!

  • Tanya

    Great pictures – they are such a lovely matching pair 🙂 LOVE the leggings … I think my boys would laugh nonstop if I work those … and I would too when I couldn’t get them off. lol

  • Marion

    Beautiful couple!!!
    My daughter wants to know where your daughter found her leggings? (Yes, I know we are in Canada, but we are going to the US (Maine) this coming weekend)..plus there is online….LOL

  • Frances

    I enjoy your blog so much even though I don’t comment much!
    Very cute couple! Beautiful daughter and cute boy!
    He looks like a young Matt Lauer!