My great-grandparents' dining room suite is mine now, and I love every piece of it. Especially the tea cart, which houses my collection of Majesty magazines (given to me by my mother), and the china cabinet, which is used for everything but china.

I love how comfortable the room feels at night when the little light inside the cabinet is turned on, and everything glows softly. Like the favorite fabrics that I can't bear to cut into, and the lonely Colonial figure, purchased at a vintage-and-antique shop, even though his mate was missing.

IMG_1385 tp

The photograph of my beautiful grandmother (btw, my "Beedie's Garden" pattern was designed for her)…

IMG_1395 tp

The little Dutch shoes that my sweet friend Karin recently sent to me…

IMG_1387 tp

Earlier this year, I spotted this adorable couple at my favorite country shop, Weathered and Worn…

IMG_1388 tp

Isn't he wonderful? I love his shoes! He looks like Ben Franklin to me.

And his lovely wife…

IMG_1389 tp

Of course, you-know-who is always into everything, so this doesn't surprise me in the least…

IMG_1393 tp

(I'll miss her when she moves, despite her silent-yet-intrusive self.)

I love my china cabinet. And I'm fairly certain that my great-grandparents, Ola and JC, had no idea that this is how their china cabinet would spend its retirement, some 50 years after they purchased it.

IMG_1379 tp

16 Replies to “Curio”

  1. Hi 🙂
    I’ve stitched your Salem Hornbook…
    thanks so much to have created a so lovely pattern….
    Your patterns are ALWAYS fantastic… the next in my list is Elizabeth I
    have a lovely day :-)))

  2. I’m sure all your grand parents would marvel at how you have put this beautiful piece of furniture to work for you.
    love how you’ve decorated the inside!
    Great job!!!

  3. To me, the most wonderful thing is that not only you have a most precious family heirloom, but that you get to share your love of it with the world. I’m sure your grandparents are smiling from heaven above with love.

  4. No better use for a china cabinet. I love the pictures you took of the figurines and things in the cabinet. You have inspired me to try it with my collector dolls….but first I need to clean the cabinets. dust will always find a way in to the top shelf.

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