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New and News from Bre!

Bre has been so busy with her Hodgepodge Cottage designs lately, and I wanted to take a quick moment to share her newest releases with you all! She's got them coming out during the online Needlework Show on April 19th, and I couldn't be more proud of her. And to think, it all started with my grounding her as a teenager and making her learn to stitch while she worried away the hours…

Here is Cat and Mouse:

Catandmouse tp

A Lucky Home

Lh tp

And finally, A Warm Heart Welcome…

Whw tp

I just love these sweet little designs (although I may be partial to the designer). 🙂

You can find them on the Kelmscott Designs page during the online show. You can also get more information about Bre's designs on her Hodgepodge Cottage Facebook page.

In other news, my Bre has accepted a job. A real, grown-up job! She'll be moving away from home soon, as she has accepted a graphic artist position for a marketing consultant several hours away. I'm so very proud of her, and so happy… although that first night she's away, I know it will hit me hard. It's going to be quite different from her being only an hour away at college, but I know that even if it's going to be difficult for me, she's ready for it. I couldn't be happier for her.

I love how she worded it on one of her Facebook posts: "…I'll be moving into my own home, and it can really be the Hodgepodge COTTAGE!" Okay, now I'm jealous, bc I always wanted to name my home. I'll have to come up with something cool. (And no, Mom, I can't use Greatest Show on Earth bc it's already taken. And quit calling my house a circus.)

Btw, when she was getting ready for her interview, I took a few photos of her fixing her hair in the mirror before she stepped out the door. My girls are pretty used to me getting in their space and taking a ridiculous amount of photos, so they rarely look at me unless I tell them to. I can't help it though.. I just love all those in-between moments that actually never get posted on the blog bc my girls would be embarrassed. 🙂 But all those little in-betweens are the cream in the Oreo, imvho, and I love every one.

IMG_1340E tp

IMG_1345E tp

Looky-here, Bre!

IMG_1347E tp

And then it was time for her to leave…

IMG_1348E tp

I love my girl. 


  • Linda Huson

    A big big congratulations to Bre!! That is such wonderful news for her. And three hours isn’t too horribly far – much further than one hour – but still doable for many visits!
    Love her new designs – they are so cute and sweet!
    Linda in VA

  • angela clarke

    Oh wow well done Bre its no mean achievement to get a job straight out of college.
    I wish I could get my family to let me take as many photos of them as you do of yours I obviously didn’t start on them early enough.

  • littlebit

    I want to publicly congratulate my sweet first-born granddaughter. We are so proud of you..everything you do, you do well..just like me..I mean, YOUR MOM! Yes..that’s what I meant. Sorry bout that..Can’t wait to see pics of the new Hodgepodge Cottage. Love the new designs. LLLY!

  • Marion

    Congratulations to your beautiful daughter!!! Can’t wait to see photos of “Hodgepodge Cottage”…..and I love her new designs, and yours too!! (More to add to my collection!)
    Glad to see you posting on your Blog more…I was missing the updates!!
    Take care

  • Margaret

    Congratulations to Bre in every way. Good for her on the job and going off on her own. I love her designs for the online market. Love the cat and mouse, but those two cottage designs are just marvelous as well! Good luck to her — I hope she’ll be very happy at her new job and home! (Funny, I never named our house. I wonder why?)

  • Linda

    Oh Paulette, what a beautiful girl! I know what you’re feeling and it is a bittersweet mixture of pain and proud! From the time they are born we what them to do well and we are proud and happy for them, but I know so well the true pain of seeing them leave the nest for good and be truly “all grown up”. You will shead tears, but in our mothers’ heart we have always known this time would come and wouldn’t want it any other way….we want only their happiness. My heart is with you dear….Linda in CO

  • ♥ marylin ♥

    It is true that they are beautiful all your daughters, but they look like their mom …… kisses from France
    ps: the seams are perfect! Bravo is the talent in the family!

  • Sylvia

    Congrats to Bre again!!! She looks so professional and grown up. I wish her all the best and much joy and success.
    Her new releases are darling. I know she will do well with them.

  • Helen Welsh

    Your daughters’ designs are gorgeous, your pride in her is well justified! Congratulations to her on landing a job in these tough times too. You’re totally right to try & capture as many of these moments as you can, kids grow up so quickly. Your photos are great, as always, you have a very beautiful & talented young lady there!

  • Anja

    Dear Paulette!
    These are wonderful news. I think, Breanna will have a good time at work, because she is creativ and talented.
    I told you that I am also a graphic designer, but I worked in the 8o´s, that means it was a complete different world. We had no computer and all was drawn by hand.
    Lucky Breanna, today she can work faster as we could and she has more opportunities to show her creativity to a customer.
    Tell her, I send her my best wishes. I was very happy to hear from her choice.
    And .. Paulette .. don´t be sad, think about all the happy moments you will have, when she comes home for a visit. (And you will have contact every day, I think ;))
    I am very busy these days. No time to stitch. Preparations for confirmation. I was ready in time with confirmation present (Over the hills sampler). Frame is also ready today.
    Liebe herzliche Grüße aus Deutschland von Anja

  • joann tx

    congrats to bre!!!
    has it already been four years and she’ll be graduating this may? or is this a summer job?
    i wish her the best and hope she finds the home she’s always dreamed of. be thankful she is only a couple hours away and not many states away!

  • Lynn Jones

    Congrats to Bre! I know how proud of her you must be. I love her new designs especially the cat & mouse. It would be perfect to do for my French speaking granddaughters.

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