Dutch Kitty

Every year since time began, I've been telling myself that I would have Dutch Beauty finished before I reached the age of 38. Then I switched it to 39, and then 40, and so on. My new goal is to have it finished before I'm 99.

The only way to make that happen is to work on it when Tilly is being her wide-awake, ornery self. Because for some reason, that feline has taken to using my sampler as a cozy spot to take her 4-hour-long siestas, which she does twice per day. (This must be quite amusing to her, considering my mother has always referred to my Dutch Beauty as "your Dutch Blanket.")

I've found that cats don't exactly move when you tell them to. As a matter of fact, every time I tell her to move off of my stuff, I get this feeling that she's mocking me, and looking at me like I'm Rodney Dangerfield or something.

"Tilly! You're on my stuff! Move!"

Tp 1


"Tilly, dag-nammut!"

Tp 2

"Tills, honey. You're on my stuff. If you move, I'll distract the Yorkie while you sneak up and go all screech-owl on her like you enjoy doing."

Tp 3


Tp 3

And so her name is stricken, and she shall forever be referred to as "the Cat."

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  1. Oh boy! Can I relate! I have 6 of the little darling fur-making machines!
    I do not have one piece of needlework, crocheted rugs, knitted sweaters, etc, that ares not full of extra “fiber”! LOL

  2. Love it! This makes me miss my kitty so much; I had her for 14 years. I adopted her when she was a baby, and she was so skittish at first, but we “bonded” over cross-stitching. I’d stitch and she’d slowly creep up to my lap, watching that thread go in and out…it was so funny. πŸ™‚ Love the Tilly posts!

  3. LOL!! That’s so true – cats don’t budge – especially when you want them too. My Maddy is Miss Stubborn and the more I try and get her off the couch (so I can clean the fur off AGAIN) the more she hunkers down for the duration.
    Precious pics!! Gorgeous stitching.

  4. ROTFL! That’s pretty hysterical!! I have to say, you’re very kind to tolerate Tilly sleeping on your Dutch Beauty. If Mia ever slept of any of my stitching, I would go ballistic. Um, well, actually… Well yeah, there was one time she did go to sleep on my stitching. I take it back. lol! But still, I wouldn’t let it become a habit. πŸ˜€ Doesn’t she get poor DB all hairy??? Love the colors I see! How come I don’t remember such pretty colors on DB?

  5. Tilly is gorgeous! Yeah, cats are stubborn for sure!! My mom has a cat that sits in between her legs all the time. Whenever she needs to move, Casper looks at her with a mean look on his face. He hates being disturbed. Then there is my cat, Sandy, who when she thinks she is starving to death (like this morning), she proceeds to take a mouthful of my hair (from the back) and PULL! Yup, cats are stubborn, but so loveable!

  6. ROFL!!! LOVE DA KITTY!!!!! lol The look on her face is the same one I get from mine. And I swear I hear her thinking…’funny woman…you’re not getting this.’ And then she closes her eyes again.

  7. One of our cats likes sleeping on my stitching, too. Since I keep each project in a cotton bag, I don’t mind. I just keep wondering if that is really comfy, but she seems to like it very much.

  8. My first thought was…. no way it’ll take you that long to finish and the other thoughts were just like Margaret’s; I don’t remember the colors in DB being so pretty (I thought it was more browns and grays) and won’t you have to pick out kitty hair from your sampler. Or, maybe she doesn’t shed??? You are a very kind kitty momma to let her use DB as a blankie. The pics of Tilly with her pretty blankie are really great!

  9. This is just too funny!! I don’t know how many times I’ve gone through this with Clarisse and she just looks at me like I’m losing my mind!
    Your photos have captured the whole thing perfectly. Welcome to a life of removing cat fur from your stitching ’cause you just know that this will never end!

  10. Ha Ha Ha !! Cats. Aren’t they great? I love how they pick a spot and then own it.
    Makes me miss my kitties and all their fur getting stitched into my projects.
    We had our cats for 16 years but since they passed, we are catless for the time being.
    Your pictures make me want new stitching cat companions!

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