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I designed Olga a while ago. She was just a spur-of-the-moment design, and I left it at that. Then one day, a dear friend sent me an email that simply said, "You need a Boris." So Boris came to be.

Then one day I designed Sergei. Sergei was intended to be a companion to Olga and Boris, and I left it at that. Then one day, that same dear friend said to me, "You need a Zoya. And Zoya needs to be a peacock."

So Maxim & Zoya came to be.

Maxim and Zoya MODEL tp

This will be released at the upcoming market in Nashville, and here is the supplies list for those who are interested:

Stitch count: 98 x 106

The model was stitched on Lakeside's 36 ct. Vintage Light Examplar (I love this color, bc it handles warm and cool colors within the same design effortlessly).

The threads used were Needlepoint Inc. silks in 933, 225, 993, 964, 344, 241, 222, 694, 692, 325, 244, 603, 565, 525, and 991.

Note: There are only 15 stitches that use the color 225, so you may want to use DMC 221 to save some change. In addition, the color 222 only uses 21 stitches, so an option is DMC 760.

Here is the DMC equivalent for the whole color palette: 3740, 221, 310, 646, 580, 472, 760, 832, 834, 924, 936, 3042, 3808, 3849, and Ecru.

Thanks for keeping Olga's social life active, Katrina. 😉

P.S. Those incredible scissors in the model photo are the newest ones by Kelmscott Designs, called The Devon Scissors.


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