Please Bring Christmas Back

We have finally gotten our winter weather! I love the snow, and I've missed it terribly, so when I woke up to the beautiful snowfall last weekend, I decided to make the most of it and bake my way to a holiday-smelling morning.

Tp 7

These are gingerbread muffins, and they are the most melt-in-your-mouth muffins I've ever baked. And guess what. They're gluten-free, and if I you ate one and I didn't tell you that, you'd never know it. 🙂

Here's what it looked like outside my kitchen window…

Tp 5

And here are the trees that line the street behind our house…

Tp 4

I went into the living room and pulled the curtains back for sweet Tilly…

Tp 6

She loves to sit on the back of my couch and look outside. I took this photo right after I took the one above, since I was standing directly over her…

Tp 8

And to make it even more of a holiday, Miss Jill Rensel sent back my framed Bringing Home the Tree by Pineberry Lane!

Tp 1

I love that etched moulding!

Tp 2

Tp 3

I can't get Ella Fitzgerald's White Christmas out of my head.

I love this weather!

20 Replies to “Please Bring Christmas Back”

  1. Oh how beautiful — all around from the winter to the framing, just beautiful. Now I *really* wish it weren’t nearly 80 outside here today, and I wish even more fervently that I had basket of gingerbread muffins!

  2. Yay for snow! Those muffins look very yummy – I’m sure it’s all nice and cozy at your house with the smell of baking and the hush of the snow outside. And I love love love the frame for your Pineberry. Now I have to have one too…oh wait, better stitch something to frame first, huh?

  3. Your stitched piece is wonderful, love the frame, it compliments it beautifully. I know what you mean about the snow, we had only an inch but it was the kind that sticks to everything, a picture perfect day.
    Those muffins sounds yummy, would you mind sharing the recipe?
    Thanks Pam

  4. So nice to see your post! Isn’t the snow beautiful! I love winter! The muffins look yummy, would you consider sharing the receipe? Makes me want to pour a nice “cuppa” and have a muffin, watch it snow, and stitch the day away! Alas, back to my pile of laundry!

  5. Snow, muffins and a sweet cat – a perfect day!
    Your framed Bringing Home the Tree is perfect. I love the design, fabric, threads and the frame. You will enjoy it so much during the holidays!

  6. Aaaahm, the muffins look fabulous, but where is the recipe???? Adam would probably love it. I made him gluten-free tiramisu yesterday. His eyes just about popped out of his head, he was so happy.
    I love how Jill framed your sweet Bringing Home the Tree – its darling. I wish we would get some decent snow – it keeps trickling down from the heavens, but its nothing to write home about. All we get is bonebreaking cold. 🙁 Love the pics – I am a wee bit jealous. Oh, and saw your new releases – love the peacocks!!! Brother’s Keeper is a stunner!! Time to stop writing a novel. Have a great weekend.

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