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Sabrina's very special friend recently told her that he likes her a lot. However, he also told her that while he likes her a lot, he likes Kate Beckinsale a lot. As a matter of fact, Kate Beckinsale is to be his future wife, he's decided. No offense, Sabrina.

None taken, she assured him. And to prove it, she got him this poster, which now hangs on the back of his bedroom door:


I've never seen any of the Underworld movies, but Sabrina has, and likes them. As a matter of fact, Kate Beckinsale's character – Selene – has always been a favorite of Bean's, but probably for different reasons than her special friend's.

And although Sabrina has no plans of usurping Kate's status as "future wife," I got to thinking that Halloween will be here before we know it…

Bean Beckinsale

Now, to find someone who specializes in leather skinsuits.


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