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I thought I'd show whoever may read this some of the little things I didn't include in my first two Attic posts. 🙂

Here are a couple of "smalls" I made from the upcoming Brother's Keeper chart (to be released at Nashville)…

Tp 1

Tp 2

I won't be putting instructions in the chart for these, as they're really very simple. The top small is simply a stitched portion of the chart, cut in a circle and stretched over the top of a pimento jar lid (with a small piece of thin batting underneath the stitched piece). Then I added some trim I found in a scrapbook store and put some of Kelmscott's mother-of-pearl hex buttons inside.

This is another small I brought to The Attic. It's called A Symposium Keepsake, and I've got a packet of needles in the pocket…

Tp 4

Here are some of my purchases from the shop…

I figured this would go in Bre's bedroom; it's the Token of Love kit by The Essamplaire, and I fell in love with the Colonial-looking couple on it.

Tp 7

I had to have these two charts: Elizabeth Savilles and Hannah Tingey…

Tp 8

And the odd birds on this sampler by Scarlet Letter charmed me into buying it… (Tanya Brockmeyer convinced me to give 45 ct. a try, so I chose Lakeside's Vintage Pearled Barley, which is some of the most beautiful fabric I've ever seen. The mottling is so beautiful, I could just swim in it! I'd tried 45 ct. one other time – on Jane Rees – but I wasn't using the correct needle, and it wasn't a pleasant experience. Jean told me that although I was using a beading needle, which is recommended, I needed a tapestry-point beading needle, which I didn't even know existed until I visited her shop. It truly has made all the difference!)

Tp 12

Each letter so far has been stitched by a different dear friend of mine. Jen came up with the idea, and I loved it. It makes the sampler so much more meaningful to me!

Tp 11

(Btw, I'm using my own conversion of Dinky Dyes, Belle Soie, and Gloriana silks.)

And of course, after seeing Darlene's finished sampler in person, I had to have Scarlet Letter's Vierlande Sampler. The only parts of this gorgeous Adam & Eve sampler that aren't stitched in red are their hair-do's and the serpent…

Tp 10

I chose 40 ct. Fern Gully by Stitches & Spice for the linen, and Gloriana's Schoolhouse Red…

Tp 9

Lastly, I want to show you the gorgeous party-favors that Jean's husband, John, made for each of the attendees at the Symposium.

Here is the coolest tape-measure I've ever seen! It's made of ebony wood, and John joked that it was his very first sampler, stitched over one on zero count. 😉

Tp 6

Each of the attendees also received one of these personalized wooden needlecases – filled with Bohin needles – that John made as well!

Tp 5

(If you like either or both of these, they can be ordered directly from The Attic for $40 each.)

I suppose I should get off of here and go wallow in my new stash. I intend to set aside time for stitching as well, but for now I'm content to wallow. 🙂 See you soon!


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