Crazy Kids


I may have mentioned a time or two that Sophie wants to be famous some day. In her mind, there's no need to wait tables in Hollywood while attending as many auditions as she possibly can. Heck, there's not even a need for an agent. Instead, there are two very powerful tools Sophie has discovered at her young age that may just propel her into the stardom she desires:

1. The self-portrait (great for Facebook networking and Twitter profiles).

2. Youtube/Vimeo (for those times that James Cameron or Steven Spielberg are bored and perusing the internet, looking for fresh talent).

Let's look first at the self-portrait. Sophie has entire collections of these that I've stumbled across while picking up any given camera we have lying about the house (and there are several, for some reason). Some examples are:

Tp 2

Tp 4

Tp 5

Next, let's take a look at what a Youtube/Vimeo upload might look like for a celebrity hopeful:


Untitled from Paulette Stewart on Vimeo.

I suppose if her star never rises, she could always fall back on her food photography to pay the bills:

Tp 1

Sophie, I love you, whether you grow up to be famous or not!  But if you do, PLEASE don't let it be because you do a great Lady GaGa.


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