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Bre arrived in town this past Wednesday, just in time to start her Christmas break and to celebrate her twenty-first birthday! My sister and niece were also in town, so they joined us at Roja for lunch, where Mike treated Bre to a fruity concoction…

Bday tp 9

The rest of us sipped our waters while these two behaved like a couple of fruitcakes…

Bday tp 8

(Sophie picked up my camera and caught Sabrina texting her special friend…)

Bday tp 7

After an enchilada lunch, it was back home for presents. It cracks me up how little kids love love love to help people open their gifts. Natalie took it upon herself to dive right into the gift bag and retrieve Bre's gift, just in case Bre didn't know how to do it…

Bday tp 13

One of Bre's gifts was some Bare Escentials lip gloss, which Natalie wanted to try on…

Bday tp 1

Sophie got her sister a gorgeous loop scarf from Francesca's…

Bday tp 12

I loved how Natalie jumped in the photo when my sister was trying to take our picture…

Bday tp 14

While the celebrating was going on, Tilly stayed perched up high, where the dogs couldn't reach her…

Bday tp 10

A childhood friend of Bre's gave her this darling little wine glass ornament…

Bday tp 2

The lip gloss Bre got was from Sabrina…

Bday tp 5

It was a really fun day, and I'm so proud of my Bre. I love you, sweet girl! Happy Birthday to you!

Bday tp 6


  • Linda in CO

    Happy 21st Birthday, Bre! What special years the twenties are! Paulette, your girls are just beautiful, and I must say, so is that darling kitty! Merry Christmas to you all!

  • Cathryn

    Belated Happy Birthday Breanna. I hope it was especially blessed. 🙂 Sigh… that last photo… mmmmmmm such a rich looking dessert. May I ask? What was it? I can dream. LOL Thanks, as usual, for sharing all of this Paulette. Cathryn

  • Margaret

    Happy belated birthday to Breanna! The big 21! Yes, in our house, the father and the daughter celebrated with that all important step as well. 😀 Fun family pics! (Love Sabrina’s hat btw! Second post I’ve seen it in!) Happy Christmas!!

  • Jan

    Happy Birthday to Breanna!!
    She is such a beautiful girl, Paulette and full of talent. Your heart must just be overflowing with pride!! GREAT pics too!!
    Merriest of Christmas’s, my friend!! xoxo

  • Anja

    Happy Birthday from Germany, dear Breanna !
    Have nice holidays at home with your family.
    In three hours, the Holy Christmas Night in Germany will begin. I do the last preparations for dinner. I am sad that Lutz is at work and he will come home for nearly midnight. Hope that all “bad boys” are sitting at home, because there are only the minimum officers at the police station.
    Fröhliche Weihnachten ! from Anja

  • Linda Huson

    The happiest of 21st birthdays Bre! I can still remember mine – all of these many years ago. On December 30th, of this month – I will turn 41 years older than you – LOL! Love your kitty!
    And that Natalie is beyond cute! I just love her little face…. Especially in the picture where you are putting the lipgloss on her. That was adorable!
    Linda in VA

  • Robin Hager

    Happy birthday Bre! Wow…I barely remember my 21st……Uh I believe it was 33 years ago! May you enjoy all of the wonderful days of your twenties! They’re great! Sweet photos of the family. You all are so blessed.

  • joanntx

    ah, the 21st bday! i couldn’t wait for mine and when it came it was no big deal! but every 21st year IS a big deal!
    Happy Birthday!

  • marylin

    I just put on my blog on of your création framed !
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    ˚ ˛ •˛•*/______/~\。˚ ˚ ° 。° 。° 。° 。° 。° 。° 。
    ˚ ˛ •˛• | 田田|門| ˚et BONNE ANNÉE 2012…

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