Siobhan is Pining for My Plums.

I'm sorry, this post has absolutely nothing to do with that title, but after reading Siobhan's blog, I was kind of bummed that she didn't go with the original title she came up with for her post, so I decided that someone had to use it. So there it is.

Kind of looks bad up there, now that I think about it.

Anyway, if you haven't read Siobhan's blog before, you should head on over with a cup of coffee and look around. And keep a credit card next to your mouse, bc you're going to need it after seeing all of her stitching posts.

But before you go over there, I'd love to share with you some pictures of Sophie's bathroom! (I know, who cares about stitching when you can look at bathroom photos!)

When Sabrina left for college this year, Sophie decided it was time for her to move in to Sabrina's bathroom and claim it as her own. She carefully cleaned out drawers and cabinets, and then placed all of her own cosmetics and cotton balls lovingly inside the newly-emptied spaces. Then she asked to be taken to Wal-Mart to choose a new color scheme, and since she's the baby, I dropped everything I was doing and took her there.

Since I wasn't going to be painting the bathroom, she chose bright colors to go with the aqua color that was already in there. I love how it turned out!

Tp 8

Tp 7

Tp 6

Tp 4

I stitched this little Bent Creek design for her when she was a toddler…

Tp 5

She insisted that the handsoap match the decor…

Tp 3

…and I surprised her with a little iHome iPod dock that plays all the Selena Gomez tracks a girl could want… and trust me when I say that Sophie takes singing in the shower to a new level..

Tp 1

This is my favorite part of her bathroom… she used to love taking baths in the kitchen sink.

Tp 2

And that's it!

Okay, you can go look at Siobhan's stitching now. And before I forget – you'll not only need your credit card handy, but you may need a bottle of Clearasil too. Just sayin'…

18 Replies to “Siobhan is Pining for My Plums.”

  1. You crack me up!! I thought you might laugh or you might take out a restraining order against me when you saw that on my blog… I’m glad that you went with laughing. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Sophie’s bathroom turned out OMGosh sooooo cute! She did a great job on it–and I love the little extra touches that you added!

  2. i LOVE… LOVE… LOVE! the color scheme sophie chose! and all the matching accessories. i think i need you two here in houston helping me decorate my house! what a great job!
    i love the princess frame too. where ever did you find it???
    i’ve been without computer access for the past week so i’m off to go read siobhan’s blog next!!!

  3. This post is a riot….just like Siobhan’s post !! Love what Sophie did with HER bathroom. Obviously there continues to be a lot of designing talent in the family!! Hugs

  4. lol! On the subject of clearasil and Siobhan, I told her I didn’t get ginormous pimples with my reading glasees. Then what happens but I get a baby pimple right under where my reading glasses go!!! lol! I blame Siobhan for that for sure! Glad you used her title. It cracks me up!
    Now for Sophie’s bathroom. Wow! That girl of yours has great taste! Goes with the wall color beautifully, and looks great! I love that piece you stitched for her as a toddler too. And the pic of Sophie in the kitchen sink — how cute is that!!! Love it! Great job, Sophie and mom! (I would have dropped everything for my baby too. I totally understand.)

  5. LOVE Sophie’s new ‘ladies room’. It’s fabulous! The color just POPS! YAY Sophie!! And don’t even tell me about the credit card and Siobhan’s blog…it’s an issue. LOL

  6. Oh I want a bathroom like that – very cheerful, chic and hip! Love it. Lucky girl.
    We have one bathroom I called the kids bathroom and it used to have a monkey theme (well, they are boys!) but had to tweak it so now the shower curtain is one of those world map ones – very cool. I just need to get the rest of the bathroom up to speed with the sailing/world theme but Zack seems spongebob. We have to compromise somehow …

  7. Cute bathroom! I just love bright, fun colors! I used to get in trouble as a child, because my room was an ugly dark green. My dad used to get on my case for writing on it like a chalkboard! Glad Sophie has a cool mom that knows how to decorate! I know she will enjoy it!

  8. Loved this post!! I want Sophie’s bathroom because it’s nicer and brighter than mine. Sooo cute!
    As for Siobhan, I think her blog is a riot and I can’t wait for her next post. Then when you used that title for the post and then mentioned the Clearasil I just about choked since I was laughing so hard! Thanks for the chuckle!!

  9. I’m glad you used that great title for your blog update, Paulette! It’s too funny not to be used.
    Sophie’s bathroom is very cute. I love how you put the bright colors together and I know she loves her ipod dock!

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