Sophie has been begging me to get costumes for the dogs this year. I'm not sure the Yorkie likes that idea very much…

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Friday looks none too pleased with the notion either…

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Nope. Not one bit.

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Tasha, however, seems eager to look a little different, if only for a night…

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Bless her heart.

I haven't decided yet if Sophie will get her wish or not.

12 Replies to “Howlloween”

  1. Very cute pics! I agree with you about Friday. Too adorable!
    I stitched “The First Day” from the JCS Christmas issue and posted a picture on my blog. Haven’t finished it into an ornie yet, but the stitching is complete and I love it!!!

  2. I love the expressions on Friday’s face! They all look so cute.
    We tried dressing up our cat one year at Christmas. I’ll never forget it. He raced pellmell through the house trying to shuck the garments in the process!

  3. How funny! Love that wig! My kids would try to put reindeer and bunny ears on our dog and he would just sit there and look at them with the saddest face. Just like like yours. LOL!

  4. We are going to the beach with two of our three beagles next week. Based on that I could not resist the shark costume at Target. I purchased it so I could dress the male in it while walking him on the beach. Would that make him a landshark?

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