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Martha (Washington) Would Be Proud.

When Bre left home to start a life of independence in her new apartment, she took with her all the fun personality that she'd put into her room. The white iron headboard that Mike and I bought for her when she was little was gone, the bobby pins that had usually littered every surface had vanished, and the soft scents of her favorite perfumes had finally faded. (She was, however, kind enough to leave behind the makeup stains on the carpeting.)

I decided that I'd redecorate the empty space, turning it into a quiet room that she could come home to if she needed to, and I'd set up office in there as well. I didn't know how I'd do it, but I knew I needed to start with a small bed and dresser. That eventually turned into a desk and table and nightstand and upright chest and bookshelf, which means all that's left to acquire are the samplers. 🙂 (Feel free to stitch them and send them along to me.)

I decided to go with a "Colonial Couples" theme, and with the help of some dear stitching friends of mine (hi, girls!), I've come up with several samplers I want to stitch that have colonial figures on them. I haven't felt this much excitement over stitching in ages! (As a matter of fact, I found myself so inspired, I even designed a Colonial-themed piece that is at the model stitchers' house right now.)

The sun was shining in the room yesterday so prettily, so I took a few photos to share with you.

Tp 1

Nevermind those blank walls. Like I said, they're waiting for samplers. 🙂 I love that rug… it reminded me of sampler motifs when I first saw it a year ago, so I was very happy that I finally had a reason to purchase it (at Lowe's, btw).

And I couldn't leave Weathered and Worn (my favorite little shop!) without this hurricane lamp shade…

Tp 2

This tin horse reminds me of Sabrina bc she loves all things equine…

Tp 3

My rug again. I adore it. 🙂

Tp 5

Tp 4

Sophie has taken to sleeping in this bed, btw. It's a pillow-top mattress, and I purchased the softest sheets and blankets I could find for it. I was lucky enough to get a much-coveted pillow case (the red French General one) from my mother as well! She makes them so beautifully!

Tp 6

And what would a Colonial Couples room be without the Quintessential Colonial Couple themselves, George and Martha?

Tp 10

I saw this painting somewhere online, but since I didn't want to pay what they were asking for it, I decided to paint it myself.. sort of. I liked the original much better, but this will do. I haven't decided if I'm going to keep it or not though.

Tp 11

I've never bee one for window treatments. Mostly bc I never knew how to make them actually look good. So now I'm just a sheers-and-black-rod sort of gal, and I'm very happy with that.

Tp 12

Here's the dresser. It has really cool dividers in the drawers…

Tp 7

Whenever I open the top drawer, I hear angels singing. It's the weirdest thing.

Tp 8

And my favorite part of the room? A Sgraffito Redware plate!

Tp 9

Oh, wait a second. I lied.

This, looking ever so dreamy – and on loan from Mom – is the best part of the room:

Tp 13

I hope you like the room so far! And I really hope Bre likes it. I know Sophie does. 😉


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