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Class of 2015

We got my girl all moved into her dorm today at the university, ready to start her freshman year. Classes don't begin until the 22nd, but some of the kids moved in early so they could attend a Kick-Off Camp this week, which is something Sabrina has been looking forward to all summer.

Sabrina and I drove in her car, and Mike hauled the rest of the stuff in his. Here's what the back of our car looked like… it wasn't nearly as packed as it was when we took Bre's stuff down, but back then we had it all crammed into one vehicle.

Tp 1

I made Sabrina do the driving so she was comfortable with how to get there… here she is, telling me I was being critical of her driving skills bc she is certain she was not tailgating…

Tp 2

She was also certain she was not multi-tasking…

Tp 4

And yes, she's rockin' a Spider-Man watch…

Tp 3

It was cute to hear her say the same thing Bre said when the campus came into view: "Wow, I'm going to be living here!"

(Btw, about half-way there, we realized she left her camp duffel bag on the kitchen floor, so her dad had to turn around and go back to get it.)

Here she is after meeting her new roommate, who is a very sweet girl…

Tp 5

Right away, they had two things in common: they both love to wear their hair in crazy buns, and they both lose their keys and cell phones constantly.

Tp 6

The drive back didn't seem to ruin Mike's day too much…

Tp 7

Tp 8

Tp 9

When Sabrina felt as if she was losing control of the situation with her dad, she pulled out a sure-fire trick to get him to fall into a spell and settle down:

The ol' Hook 'Em Horns move.


Tp 10

Tp 11

Tp 12

Works every time.

Look at the pillowcase my mom made for Bean.. I love the fabric!

Tp 13

Mike did too…

Tp 15

Are we going to have to bring out the Horns again?

Tp 14


When in Rome…

Tp 19

Tp 20

Tp 21

(I suddenly want to rent Young Frankenstein.)

Tp 22

Tp 23

Tp 16

Tp 17

Tp 18

We love you so much, Sabrina. You are smart and intelligent, and I'm so happy that you're happy. Come home soon, even if it's with your laundry basket. And have fun at Kick-Off Camp!

Tp 24

P.S. No roommates were harmed in the making of this blog post. She had left the room while we carried on like crazies.


  • Sylvia

    What a fun post, Paulette. I’m wishing Sabrina lots of fun this coming week and a super good start to her first semester in college. I know you will miss her.

  • Siobhan

    Why do I suddenly want to burst into tears at how grown up Sabrina is?! What a great post. Best of luck to you, Sabrina, in college and in achieving your dreams & goals.

  • Anja

    Liebe Sabrina,
    ich wünsche dir einen guten Start in die Zukunft, viele liebe Freunde und gute Erfahrungen.
    Dear Paulette, (oh, poor Mike),
    how long is the way by car? Was it easy to get a room there? Is it near to her sister ?
    Since last weekend the dramas in our University cities began. Thousends of students and a handful of rooms.
    Liebe Grüße von Anja

  • Sharon

    Wow, two in college and I was feeling it now that I will have two in high school! Good luck Sabrina, I know you will do so well. Have fun in your freshman year!

  • Lynn

    I never had the opportunity to go away to college so I’m somewhat envious. I attended the college in my home town and lived at home. It was more affordable for us.
    I hope you’ll have a wonderful freshman year Sabrina. Enjoy!!

  • Robin Hager

    What a wonderful time in her life! I am SO HAPPY that she is happy and healthy, and ready to embark on a new adventure. Much love to all of the Stewart clan!

  • Cathryn

    Nice send off to a charming young woman. I wonder if the ‘roomie’ was questioning what she had gotten into. LOL TFS I always have such a big smile on my face after reading your blog. Cathryn

  • Margaret

    lol! I’m glad the roomie was safely away during your antics. lol! Good luck to Sabrina — I hope she loves her freshman year. Our DD had a special orientation event before school started as well — but hers was community service oriented, no camping. Although there was a camping event as well, she just didn’t choose it. Hope Sabrina has fun! Love her bed linens — and of course the pillow case her grandma made for her! Isn’t it amazing how fast they grow up?

  • Sheryl

    Congrats to your beautiful Sabrina and hope she has a wonderful experience in college. I had twins going to 2 different schools 35 minutes apart.

  • claudia

    And now Sophie can have your full attention as you mold her into the perfect daughter! hee hee! Divide and conquer no more!!!!

  • Linda

    Good luck Sabrina, and have fun but study hard and soak up all the “learnin'” you can. This is the best time of your life! Linda in CO

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