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Who Says

Back in the '90's, Bre and Sabrina got to go to their first concert: 'NSync. (That happened to be my first concert too, but that will be our little secret.) And this week, after asking, "Who the heck is 'NSync?" Sophie attended hers too:

Selena Gomez!

We went with one of Soph's BFF's (and business partner for The Glitz Girlz) and her mom, and on the way there, the girls took quite a few self-portraits of themselves. Here is one:

Tp 1a

And here is another, after reaching the concert venue:

Tp 1

They were so excited. That is, until we walked about a mile to the end of the line. It turns out 9,000 other people had the same idea we did about what to do on a Friday night.

Nevertheless, after standing in line for over an hour, we finally made it into the concert area and headed down to the field…

Tp 2

Selena brought a band called The Scene along with her, and all the tweens went wild…

Tp 3

It wasn't until an hour-and-a-half later, when Miss Gomez herself appeared, that the REAL screaming began. Behold: the teenager every young girl in America wants to be…

Tp 4

Tp 5

…including my own.

Tp 7

Tp 6

A quick change into her boyfriend's (Justin Bieber) favorite color…

Tp 8

…and then again, into Sophie's favorite outfit of the night…

Tp 9

Tp 10

Sophie and her BFF kept disappearing into the crowd to wriggle their way toward the front, dancing and jumping and singing like seasoned pros…

Tp 11

…and when Selena closed the show with the tween anthem Who Says, they came back to their moms, who were exhausted from watching all the dancing.

I do believe these two got our money's worth. 😉

Tp 12 


  • Tanya

    How fun!!! I think Selena rocks BTW. I’m a big Wizards of Waverly Place fan and not afraid to admit it.
    Concert looks like such a blast. Glad the girls had a good time!

  • Lynn

    What fun!! Sophie is so lucky. My mom would never have taken me to any concerts. Most of our concerts took place in Detroit and she didn’t want me going there with my friends either.
    Your concert pics were great Paulette! I love the final picture of the girls. Sophie was looking a little worn out!

  • Anja

    Oh, I think you all had a lot of fun. Great fotos !
    So I remembered my first concert “The Les Humphries Singers” in the first half of the 70th.
    (….. I feel old now ……. NO, I´m not ….)
    Look out for a second letter (for Mike). I sent it last friday.
    Liebe Grüße von Anja

  • joanntx

    looks like the girls had a great time and all these pictures to help them remember their special night….one of many to come i’m sure!!!
    selena rocks!

  • jaime

    Soooooo…I’m very disturbed that my part in this evening’s events is not included in the photo album. Afterall, I did play an integral part in the success of the night. 🙂

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