A Spring Wedding

This past weekend I had the pleasure of being my Canon-sister Jaime's second-shooter (a backup shooter/assistant) for a lovely outdoor wedding. I'd never photographed a wedding before, but had always wanted to… and now I know why wedding photographers are so expensive. This was the most grueling experience ever. (In a good way, of course.)

For nine hours, Jaime and I lugged around about 20 pounds' (each) worth of camera gear and battled wind, clouds, extreme sunshine, and uncomfortable church shoes – all to capture the most beautiful moments of such an important day.

Did we succeed? I have no idea. We're both still in traction. But Lindsay and Creighton made such a sweet couple, and my favorite thing to see during the day was when she would relax and smile every time he put his arms around her. It was so romantic! 🙂

Here are some of my favorite images from the day…

MICEK wedding 114 edit email

MICEK wedding 123 edit email

MICEK wedding 042 edit email

Her grandfather walked her down the aisle…

MICEK wedding 011 edit email

Her flower girl, getting excited to empty her basket…

MICEK wedding 027 edit email

MICEK wedding 345 edit email

Whatever did bored little boys do before there were gaming consoles?

MICEK wedding 212 edit email

The groom's brother lost his rose, which was actually quite funny…

MICEK wedding 249 edit email

MICEK wedding 251 edit email

MICEK wedding 254 edit email

It was very chilly outside, but the sun was at its brightest best (which made things extremely challenging to photograph)…

MICEK wedding 415 edit email

MICEK wedding 434 edit email

MICEK wedding 435 edit email

Congratulations to you, Mr. and Mrs. Micek! And thank you, Jaime, for being a gracious first-shooter.

P.S. I have to post this last photo bc I found it quite funny; I told Lindsay to think about her wedding night, and this was the look she gave me… Rawr. 😉

MICEK wedding 118 edit 2 email

P.P.S. The very first photo I posted was taken immediately after this one; after I took it, she told me, "You wouldn't believe what he's whispering in my ear." Oh my! 😉

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  1. You did wonderful!! Love that last and first shot combo!! What did little boys do before gaming consoles? HHMmm….run around after the flower girls? Try to lick the icing from the cake? Hide under tables so they didn’t have to dance? Get mud on their wedding clothes. I’m sure there are many more!

  2. You can see and feel the love between this couple… I wish them much joy. My favorite picture is the black and white one. I’ve always been drawn to black and white photos. Plus I wonder what was said to make the two guys laugh so hard…
    Linda in VA

  3. beautiful ~ you did an amazing job, the bride and her Mr. will be thrilled with these. They will have many wonderful photographs of their special day to share others or just remember the magic of that day. Kudos!

  4. beautiful pictures! emotions pass through it 🙂 the one with the children playing make me think about norman rockwell’s designs in more modern way :)very very good job! i’ll ask to my husband if he want to marry me again, peharps you can make a little travel in France 😀
    gros bisous

  5. Your 1st, 3rd, and 9th photos are lovely! For someone who’s never done wedding photography before, you turned out a good set! You also made good use of the outdoor lighting. Are you a professional? What subjects do you often capture?

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