Crazy Kids

Somebody Help Me. Please.

Sabrina is not the most organized of my children.

Yesterday she was ordered to sort through every last article of clothing under her bed, in the closet, under the carpet, and on the ceiling fan. She decided that if she was going to be spending the next several hours doing as she was told, she was bringing her sister down with her. She bribed her with some very cool hand-me-downs (which I knew was just a tactic to keep from having to fold them and put them away), and to work they went.

On their way from Sabrina's room to Sophie's – and laden with Sophie's new second-hand duds – they belted out some sort of concert…

Tp 1

I have no idea what song it was. I've repressed that memory.

Tp 2

But clearly, Sabrina was passionate about it.

Tp 3

I was hopeful that the show would soon be over, and they would get back to work…

Tp 4

But the only thing Sabrina got back to was her concert.

Tp 12

Which exhausted Sophie.

Tp 13

(Truth be told, before the above photo was snapped, Sophie said to me, "Hey Mom, look. This is my dead look.") I worry for my children's mental health sometimes. I blame it on their father.

The singing eventually stopped, but the work never actually got started…

Tp 6

Sophie got a face full of armpit.

Tp 7

Which meant Sabrina would get a foot in return.

Tp 8

And so the evening went on…

Tp 9

Tp 10

Tp 11

And eventually, I just gave up and left.

I'll fight this battle another day.



  • joann tx

    being the youngest of 4 i sure know about those hand-me-downs! LOL!
    i LOVE the one green and one purple sock sophie has on! what a trend setter! 🙂
    oh, to be a kid again…..

  • Margaret

    Ah, siblings. lol! My sister and I shared our clothing. I have a feeling she could wear more of them though, being the skinnier one and liking tight-fitting clothing. Hmmmmm….. My two rarely pass clothing to each other, but my DD has managed to snag a couple of pairs of DS’s pants. 😀
    Definitely put the battle off for another day.

  • Ginny

    OMG! That brought back SO many memories of my sister and myself! LOL The times that I would never, ever forget in my entire life and thank God for those memories, along with my sister!
    Thanks so much for a great fun look with your daughters, regardless of whether or not they got Sabrina’s room cleaned. You are so blessed Paulette. 🙂

  • Julie M

    At least your girls were laughing and having a good time. Mine would have been fighting and screaming at each other!
    Wanted to say that Sophie’s room is beautiful! Love all the Frenchy touches and her new comforter is adorable!
    With regards to the picture on my blog, I just chalked it up to residual paint fumes Paulette! LOL!!

  • Sheryl

    does it ever really end? My girls graduated from college and 1 moved to NY and the other one followed in 1 1/2 years. They call and complain about each other all the time. But at least they are with each other in the big city. Glad your girls get along so well.

  • Julie

    This just made me smile!! It reminded me of my sister and I…I was the youngest, so would get bribed by such goodies, too. 🙂
    My sons used to do these things, too, but they are all grown up, so it doesn’t happen anymore. 🙁 Time passes so fast…enjoy the concerts while you can!
    Blessings – Julie

  • Connie

    I am sure these two are not your children, please look at the label and return them to their rightful owners. I am sure that someone as sophisticated, talented, and famous as you would not have children who behave like this. Also, you may want to check the ovaltine tin to see what else is going into their chocolate milk! That Snap Crackle Pop may not be from their morning ceral! I’m just saying……

  • Carpet Cleaning

    At least your girls were laughing and having fun. I had to fight and yell at each other! Meant that Sophie’s room is beautiful! Love all the buttons on Frenchy and his new quilt is adorable!

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