I wrote the post below ("Fridays with Bre") yesterday morning and auto-scheduled it to publish today. But I felt it necessary to post again this morning, and ask each of you to pray for Lisa Roswell and her family. I am heartbroken.

(February 28, 2011) Multiple rescue agencies are currently searching the Huron River for Lisa Roswell, 51, of North Fairfield. Norwalk Fire Captain Don Helton says Roswell was swept away in flood waters as she drove to work on Monday. www.fox8.com

Lisa is a proud mother and lovely friend, and talented designer of The Primitive Needle.

ETA: Her body was found this morning. I pray for peace and healing for her family, whom she loved so much.


  • Jan

    Such a tragedy…Lisa was a sweet person, and I know that she will be missed by those that loved her. Will be keeping her family close in prayer. So heartbreaking.

  • Sylvia Stecker

    I am just so sad hearing about this – Lisa was such a lovely lady. What a terrible tragedy for her family.

  • Sheryl

    This so terrible and my thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends. I didn’t know her but I have ordered patterns from her. So sorry for your loss

  • Kim Lewis

    I just can’t believe such a lovely, vibrant lady is no longer with us in person. She’ll always be with us through her fabulous, whimsical designs. I had the good fortune to meet her at the Nashville and St. Charles markets and found her so friendly and happy in what she was doing. My prayers and condolences go out to those who knew and loved her best. She’s not far away.

  • Margaret

    She’s been in my thoughts all day today. I’m so sad and heartbroken for her family and for the stitching world.

  • Eileen

    A dear friend of mine stitched Lis’s Witches Hallow last fall, the last of her stitching, she passed away shortly after it was finished, She was there to welcome Lisa into heaven, God rest their souls.

  • Linda Huson

    I’ve been sick since hearing this news. I feel so deeply sad for her family and friends. The world lost a really good person this morning.
    Linda in VA

  • Robin Hager

    I am truly shocked and saddened at this terrible news. She was such a wonderful designer, and reading about her, it sounds as if she was a truly fun loving person that loved what she was doing. My thoughts and prayers will be with her family and friends.

  • Lynn

    A friend just emailed me with the news prior to reading your post. I’m very saddened to hear this terrible news. I’ll keep her family in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Margaret

    I have been so sad all day since hearing this news. Lisa’s blog was always such fun, her designs wonderful – I’m so sad for her family and for all of us as well.

  • Mikki

    I am saddened by this tragedy. My heart goes out to the family. I will keep them in my prayers. Her designs were so joyful.

  • jennifer stumpf

    What a terrible tragedy. I just put the last stitch on her most recent Christmas issue ornament today. I will treasure it! My heart aches for her family. God bless her dear soul and her loved ones left behind. Thank you for posting this news as I would have not know for quite some time I am sure. God bless you and your family as well in the loss of your dear friend…

  • Karen

    I am a nurse, like Lisa, and was at my desk when I got the email and read the story… just sat and cried. Loved her designs and also love Halloween like she did. I will be doing the Facebook stitch along this month to remember her. Prayers for all her family and friends,

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