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Fridays with Bre

Last week I visited my Breanna, as I've been trying to do every other Friday. The way the poor girl talks, I believe she's always lonely and hungry, so I make my way to the capital city, ready to take care of her sweet starving self.

First stop: Qdoba. I thought her southwestern-style shirt was fitting for a Mexican eatery.

Tp 2

Believe it or not, there was steak underneath all the lettuce and sour cream…

Tp 3

After lunch, we headed back for our second trip to Trader Joe's…

Tp 6

Tp 5

Bre decided to balance out all the chocolate by picking up some Greek yogurt as well…

Tp 4

We ended up with quite a cartfull when we were finished. Bre got all sorts of late-night-munchies, while I took home a few things I was curious about (mostly bc of the very cool packaging)… we'll start with what is obviously the most important purchase of the day:

Tp 6

Oh my, can't you just smell them?? Mmmmmmmm…..

Tp 7

The last can I bought (the Trader Joe's Joe) went to my mother bc it reminded me of Dunkin' Donuts coffee. I like DD coffee once in a while, but not every morning, noon, and night – which is how I like to drink my java. So I went with a different kind this time…

Tp 8

Again, whoever is in charge of designing these cans deserves a raise.

Tp 1

Mom recently made her first trip to Trader Joe's and got me hooked on these:

Tp 10


This stuff was really good too.. we ate it with Tostitos-with-lime chips, which was an interesting combination – and we loved it!

Tp 9

Mike loves orange jellies, so I bought these for him. So far, he's only eaten one and I've eaten about 20 1/2.

Tp 5

Since I'm unfortunately wheat-intolerant, I was happy to stumble across these… but I didn't really care for their crispy-crumbly texture:

Tp 4

But the dogs absolutely love them!

Tp 3

I bought these bc of the pretty Victorian look to them (and that description!), but again – I just didn't like their texture. I love shortbread and I love lemon cookies, but not together, apparently.

Tp 2

I'm not sure what we'll be purchasing on our next TJ trip, but no doubt it will be another cartfull of things we really don't need (besides the coffee). Of course, if my lonely, hungry girl wants it, then I guess it doesn't matter if we need it or not.

Tp 1 


  • joann tx

    alas…there’s not a traders joe in whole huge state of texas! bummer! my home town state of PA has a few, but i no longer live in Pa.
    i can see why you love the coffee can covers! how decorative! and all the yummy stuff ya’ll bought!
    what a fun day you two must have had!

  • Lauralee Spence

    I love Trader Joe’s! We finally got one in Athens and I’ve been doing the Snoopy dance ever since. My favorite is the corn salsa (no tomatoes) ~ absolutely delish! And their sparkling limeade is the best for summer.

  • Sheryl

    we don’t have a Trader Joe’s here either. We don’t have much besides Wal-Mart. ugg.
    The chocolate covered seeds look amazing.

  • Edie

    Just a reminder — anything from Trader Joe’s that you don’t like, they will reimburse you for. Take those cookies back and get something that you do like. (I’ve only found on TJ product that I didn’t like.) Their customer service keeps me coming back. When I was on crutches, they “assigned” a clerk to carry my purchases for me!
    Enjoy your Bre trips!

  • mary

    No TJ here, but go when in CA visiting DD. For Christmas she added a few things from TJ in our box. Next time you are there, try “Chocolate Sunflower Seed Drops” (very pretty colors) and “Dark Chocolate covered blueberries”. Both so yummy!!!

  • Ter'e

    NO TJ’s in Florida either. I hit them when I go to CA to see my mom.
    I have no affiliation…..but……perhaps you might want to try Boyer’s Coffee (out of Denver, CO) (they have a great website). I have been ordering coffee from them for the past 15 years. We love their flavored coffee, but all of them are divine. I met Bill in Las Vegas, over a bad cup of coffee and the rest is history. He turned me on to really GREAT coffee. We drink nothing else.
    Bill has since passed on, but the “family” at Boyer’s is stupendous! I promise, I have no affiliation. Like you, I enjoy a really good cup of java! Cheers!!!!

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