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Yesterday was one of the busier days I've seen in a while. When I came downstairs for my morning coffee, there were two notes taped to the microwave for me:

Tp 1

As you may remember, Sophie is really handy in the kitchen, and is a very eager student.

Tp 2

And Sabrina? Well… one can't choose their children.

Tp 3

(Btw, I love how Sophie spelled pico de gallo.)

On the menu were chicken wings with buffalo, honey bbq, and Asian sauces, pico de gallo, guacamole, little smokies, Rotel dip and lime chips, BLT's, Oreo Freeze, and tortilla rollups, which is what Sophie made, all by herself…

Tp 4

…In between texting, of course…

Tp 5

And did I mention birthday cake? We had a belated celebration for Mike, since Bre was able to come home…

Tp 6

(Btw, I can't thank you all enough for all of your birthday messages to Mike! He got such a kick out of listening to your greetings on the phone – especially those that reminded him that he deserved a bored game or two. My favorite one was the message that said he already had the best birthday gift anyone could hope for: ME! Oh – and the Katherine Hepburn one? Hilarious! You all made Mike's day… again, thank you so very much!)

Bre picked up my camera and started snapping pictures with it. Here's one she got of me in the kitchen, in the middle of cooking and trying to watch a Superbowl commercial at the same time…

Tp 8

Then Mike decided to pick up Sophie's camera, and they had a photo-taking battle… here was one Bre took…

Tp 7

And here was one Mike took… when the battle was over, I think Bre ended up snapping the most photos. (Btw, if you're confused, so am I. I'd never in my life witnessed a snap-off until last night.)

Tp 8

Besides the birthday boy, we had a special guest last night. Those of you who have read my blog long enough and actually stuck with it (thank you very much!) may remember Breanna's high school boyfriend, Cody. He's always been the son I never had (again, besides the birthday boy), so I was thrilled to death when he showed up at halftime. I think someone must have told him there'd be Oreo Freeze…

Tp 9

Tp 10

(Mike got nervous bc he heard a camera clicking, and was afraid that photos were being taken without his being in front of the lens.)

Tp 11

During the halftime performance by the Black-Eyed Peas, Mike and Sophie started dancing in front of the television, trying to mimick the backup dancers. This got quite a laugh out of Cody, who was trying not to spit his food out, but for Bre, it was just another day in the Stewart House…

Tp 13

Tp 12

It was a lot of fun having these two friends in my kitchen again. Despite their silliness, it's been a sad time for Cody. His dad, Jeff, was as much a Steelers fan as Mike is a Cowboys fan, and in just a few weeks it will be the one-year mark of his passing.

Football season is over, which is a bummer. I love all the crazy game-day cooking, and I especially look forward to each fall when menfolk start buzzing about fantasy football lineups and the streets start getting traffic-jammed from high school games. It's then that I start organizing all of the menus in my head, and knowing that one day soon we will all be on cholesterol meds bc of it.

It's all Sophie's fault though.

Tp 14 


  • Cathryn

    How fun to see everyone enjoying themselves. Especially Sophie. She is such a cutie pie. She’ll be a good cook won’t she. 🙂 Cathryn


    Looks like another boring day at the Stewart household!! BORING! BORING!! LOL!! Honestly..I am so jealous..look at those smiles, look at all that food, look at that cake, look at those cameras(now I am really jealous!)LOL!!
    Thanks for sharing once again and making my world seem dull and lifeless…
    BTW…you owe me for the phone call and message I left saying you were the best present of all!!
    Connie(I really did leave that message!!)

  • ~Kathleen

    Me again. Never mind, I found your Oreo Freeze recipe on your other blog. Thanks for being so efficient and anticipating my request ahead of time. Way to go Paulette!

  • Sheryl

    looks like everyone has a great time. I love making the oreo freeze. Isn’t it insane????
    So sorry about Cody’s Dad. Since we live in WV and 1 hour away from Pittsburgh, we are also Steeler fans. Maybe next time. I love looking at all your pictures.

  • Betty

    How cool to see Cody again. He’s really a handsome young man.
    And it sure looks like you all had a lot of fun that day.

  • Leslie

    Looks like you all had a wonderful day! We are a steelers household, and DH was a little disappointed they didn’t win! But I have to say the better team won. Packers played really well!!!!

  • Celaina

    How great to see Cody! I am a regular reader, ’cause your family is more entertaining than anything on TV plus I love your designs….anyway I had been wondering about how Cody was. He has grown into quite a young man and looks so so at home with your girls.

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