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Thin Chance.

A few days ago I tried, yet again, to get a portrait of the three hounds together. I thought a box of Wheat Thins would be the way to go, since all three of them crave the things. So out I went with the bright yellow box, and out the three of them followed.

They stood very still for me individually, knowing that after roughly 4 or 5 clicks they'd get a reward. Here's how their portrait session went…

Tp 1

Tp 2

No-no, Yorkie – don't look at the box. Look at me!

Tp 12

Much better.

Don't look so inconvenienced.

Tp 6

Besides, you look cute with that snowflake on your face.

Tp 6b

Tp 6c

Okay, I want all three of you together. Together now, okay? Come on, let's go!

Tp 13

Thanks, Tasha.. now you come here too, Yorkie!

Tp 5

Oh, okay.. um, that's great Friday, but I called the Yorkie, and I need you to back up a bit.

Tp 11

Yes, good boy. I know you're waiting. But I need the Yorkie.

Yes! Thank you! Progress.

Tp 14

Perfect! Stay there! (Tasha, why is your eye twitching?)

Tp 10

Okay, Friday, come on over!

Tp 9

That means you have to get up and move.

And don't look so inconvenienced.

Tp 4

This is the best you can do?

I give up.

Tp 7

Did you dogs ever see the Beethoven movie? The one with the killer vet? Yeah, I'm calling him to do your rabies shots.

This isn't over.


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