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I Spy

I didn't think I was going to be posting again until I returned to Omaha, but I've decided to pre-blog and schedule this to be posted for this morning. It's actually 10:25 pm right now, and I'm almost finished packing. I spent most of the day answering emails and mailing orders and running errands, so I'm taking a break!

I'd like to show you a scene from our home on Christmas morning. The room is in complete disarray, furniture shoved everywhere but where it should be, yet I'm still going to post this photo. My mother will be horrified.

Let's play a game of I Spy, shall we?

I spy Sophie's plaid pajama pants, handed down to her by Sabrina.

I spy a girl hoping that another present will appear under the tree for her.

I spy a woman in a new Vera Bradley apron, in desperate need of caffeine and another present.

I spy a girl in a Nebraska hoodie, angry that she didn't get the new Vera Bradley apron.

I don't spy the father in this family, bc he's taking the photo.

I Spy tp

Okay, now I'm done posting! See you soon!


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