Wooly Snowman

I received the loveliest gift recently from a very dear friend.  She asked Judy Bielec of Mosey 'n Me to create this needle-felted snowman, and it's truly one of the sweetest things I've ever seen!

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I'd heard of felted wool before, but never really knew what it was. According to Judy, "felt making predates spinning, weaving or knitting." I had no idea! Here I thought it was a brand-new invention.

Tp 3

I love the details…

Tp 4

Tp 5

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Breanna was the lucky recipient of one as well! She liked hers so much in the bag, she kept it there…

Tp 11

Tp 12

Tp 10

This made both snowmen very sad…

Tp 13

Tp 14

What a lovely surprise! Breanna and I thank you, dear friend.

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16 Replies to “Wooly Snowman”

  1. ADORABLE!!!! I decorate my house in snowmen and snowwomen and snowflakes. That way I can keep them up until April. Love these. Enjoy
    Have a very Merry Christmas

  2. Oh, they’re so adorable! They have such personality too, even though they’re only felt. Wouldn’t be able to guess it, though. What a wonderful gift. 🙂 And although I think I would have taken mine out the bag immediately, Breanna’s has a certain mystique air about him still in the bag — he looks cool! Also, he won’t get dirty. Smart girl. But Happy Holidays!

  3. These are just so adorable and I am green with envy!! I love snowmen, but the little sheep is just too much! It is wonderful you have such a terrific friend who would gift you with such a lovely present. Merry Christmas!

  4. how cool! i didn’t know that about felt making either! i wonder if judy teaches class’s on it? not that i need another hobby, but these snowmen sure are cute! and that little sheep just tops it off!
    what a nice surprise from your friend!

  5. I have done some wool felting with a friend. We made scarves (which are very nice scarves), and we had ago at making caps (not as sucessful as the scarves)… but I have never seen anything like these little treasures. That sheep is to die for… Thankyou Paulette for sharing these precious little gifts.
    Bless you
    Liz x x

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