Crazy Kids


The weather was perfect for ice skating this week, so we decided to head downtown to visit Mike, who was working off-duty at the ConAgra Park ice rink. Since Sabrina's boyfriend is back from college, she convinced him to come along, despite his protests that he could not skate. But he was a very good sport about it, and he and Sabrina and Sophie all had a great time…

Tp 1

It was so much fun to watch them slowly gain confidence on their skates, and then eventually start racing each other. I'm not sure what was going on in this picture, but I thought it was funny…

Tp 2

Mike brought Sophie some hot chocolate, but as soon as he approached the railing, another child decided to strike up a conversation. This is never a good idea if one wants Sophie to stay in a good mood; she is very possessive of her dad, and she would prefer other children go talk to their own dads.

Tp 3

As far as Sophie is concerned, she feels that if her dad isn't going to be busy bringing her hot chocolate refills, then he needs to stay back with the other cop, away from curious children…

Tp 4

Even though the focus is in the wrong place in this photo, I still found it amusing… poor, unsuspecting little sister!

Tp 5

Bre watched from the sidelines…

Tp 7

Sabrina and Nate posed for a picture, but we found that Nate turns into quite a ham when he's got a camera pointed at him…

Tp 8

Sabrina scolded him, and then demanded that he pose properly…

Tp 9

Tp 10

My favorite thing about the night was watching Sabrina's face. She was so animated, exactly like she was when she was 4 years old, and we'd ask her if she wanted to go to the zoo…

Tp 11

Tp 12

Although I coughed my way through most of the night, these three hooligans made it a fun time…

Tp 13

Happy Winter!


  • Siobhan

    Great pictures! I had to laugh at Sophie’s expression in the one photo–I have photos of my younger daughter making the same face when she was younger and other kids were getting attention. We call it her bull face–and her older sister likes to imitate her, making bull horns with her fingers. Ah, sisterhood.
    Happy birthday to your daughter! Isn’t it crazy how they get older yet we are still so young?!
    Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  • Catherine

    Great times! What a great place to be able to go and skate. Loved all the expressions — hhmmmmm… Nate turns into a ham when the camera is on him……….hhhmmmmmm…..does he like to play board games too? There could be a pattern going on here!
    Thanks, as always, for sharing your fun family times!

  • connie

    What a wonderful time you all had that night. Looks like so much fun. Your photo albums must be bursting at the seams. What do you do with all the pictures you take? Several of us at our guild would love to know.
    Merry Christmas

  • Cathryn

    Oh I love it! It reminds me of when my children were still at home. You are so kind Paulette to share your family with us. Thank you. Cathryn

  • Lynn

    I love these photos! They brought back so many memories for me. We used to skate at a large outdoor rink very similar to this one. My Dad would race us around the rink. Now I get to skate on the world’s longest skating rink – the Rideau Canal in Ottawa. Your kids would love it!!

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