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Last week I had the pleasure of visiting the home of Darlene Andersen, who used to co-own a cross stitch shop called Treasured Stitches. When Breanna was still in her stroller, Mom and I would walk up to the shop and admire all the sampler models on the walls, and then I'd add to my ever-growing collection of Fanci That and Shepherd's Bush patterns.

The shop closed eventually, and Darlene began traveling and lecturing on the history of Adam and Eve samplers (are you hearing this, Siobhan?). She has stitched 55 of them (if I'm not mistaken), and invited me over to take a look. I brought my camera with me, but truly had not realized just how many samplers she had hanging on her walls, or I'd brought a wide-angle lens. Please forgive me for the tight photos – I literally had no more room to back up!

Tp 11

Tp 10

Tp 22

Tp 18

Tp 15

Tp 19

Here are some laying on a bed, waiting for a place to hang…

Tp 24

This one is Darlene's favorite…

Tp 23

And this one was mine…

Tp 21

Hi Darlene! (Darlene was looking upward into her hallway, answering all my questions about her stitching.)

Tp 20

Tp 14

Tp 7

Tp 9

Tp 6

Tp 8

Hey Kim, remember Frances Eden? She's on my list of things I WILL complete for 2011! (Kim let me adopt her half-finished Frances bc she changed her mind on the fabric and fibers. I was more than happy to take it off her hands!)

Tp 17

Tp 16

This is one that Darlene calls her "Bubblegum Adam and Eve" bc of their bright pink complexions! (LOVE this one.)

Tp 13

Tp 12

I was astounded at all the Mary Beale stockings Darlene had stitched! And she did them all in a year!

Tp 5

She also had a gorgeous tree in her sun room, full of all of the ornaments she has stitched over the years. I can't recall how many she said there were, but they are all wonderful…

Tp 1

She had even taken my Eliza Pennance chart and stitched it 4 times, in memory of 4 of her loved ones that had passed. You can see one of them in the bottom left of the photo below…

Tp 2

What a lovely tree!

Tp 3

Darlene, thank you so much for allowing me to take photos of your stunning handwork. Your samplers are beautiful, and I came away feeling completely inspired to stitch and design! Your home truly is filled with treasured stitches.


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