Coming Soon

Here's one I'll be releasing at the upcoming online Needlework Show, which is October 21-26. It's called HallowEden, and the chart will include the option of making it slightly more Halloween-themed, if you so choose.

HallowEden tp

Thank you to The Family Tree Frame Co. for providing the awesome frame (which reminded me of apples, which inspired me to design another A&E!), Crescent Colours for the cotton fibers, and Lakeside Linens for the gorgeous Vintage River Willow linen!

P.S. The sampler sitting under the cup of hot apple cider (posted on Oct. 1) was this one. 🙂

19 Replies to “Coming Soon”

    Can’t wait to get my hands on this! i’m so far behind my friends with my A&E stitching, but i sure do like collecting them! this one looks like a fast stitch – at least for me….the slow stitcher!
    thanks for another cool A&E!!!!

  2. ACK!!!! I just finished ordering your latest three designs, and Hodgepodge Cottage design and now you’ve gone and done this!!! You’re killing me here…LOL….this is an absolute must have!
    My home will be all your designs…they are so much fun to stitch!!

  3. Note to self: Do not use the iPhone to look at Paulette’s blog while out in public. I think I scared some school boys with my screaming and “OH MY GOSH!!”. I love it. Dagnabbit! Here I’ve been dreaming about your holiday decorating and then you come out with this. LOVE it.

  4. Wow! I love this one!! Still laughing at Siobhan’s comment!! How fun that you are including an option to make it more “Halloweenie” – I am sure that A&E stitchers will want to create both versions!!

  5. Very nice, Paulette, I love everything about it! From the design to the color of the floss and fabric! Would have loved to see the dog picking out the chart for your giveaway! LOL You never said if your daughter liked her shoes, or is that a taboo subject? LOL

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