A Winner!

Well here I had a video all ready to show to you of the dogs announcing the winner, but I can't find my movie-making software! :(  At any rate, I had so much fun reading everyone's comments about their dogs (and cats!).. and we have a winner!

VANESSA!! Vanessa has 3 cats and a "schnauzer who channels Satan." Oh my, my… I'm so sorry to hear this, Vanessa. I can definitely relate, bc when The Yorkie starts her screeching, my head starts spinning around in 360's, and then Mike has to call in the local exorcist.

Anyway, congratulations, Vanessa! Email me!

And thank you to everyone!

5 Replies to “A Winner!”

  1. hum….v-a-n-e-s-s-a doesn’t look like
    seriously, congratulations vanessa!1! i’ll look forward to finding boris at my LNS!
    i’m glad my dogs don’t channel anyone or anything….. LOL!!!

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