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Say Yes to the (Homecoming) Dress

The big Homecoming dance is in just a few weeks, so Sabrina, Sophie, and I decided to go dress shopping. After roaming the mall wings for what seemed like days, I plopped down on the fitting room floor and decided to rest while Sabrina tried on some dresses.  I hadn't planned on taking photos, but I grabbed my little purse camera and tried to take some (from the floor, mind you – I was NOT about to stand up) in the very poorly-lit fitting room…

Dress tp 5 

Sophie's job is usually to take out the rejected dresses and bring in some new ones, but this year she decided to have her own fun…

Dress tp 1 

(Since short is in again this year, Sophie's dress would have been entirely too long!)

Dress tp 3 

It looks like girl-style cummerbunds are all the rage… both of the girls loved this pink number…

Dress tp 4

Dress tp 2

Dress tp 6 

If you'd care to find out which dress Sabrina chose, don't forget to check back around the 26th! Unless I'm too exhausted to blog about it, that is… I offered to host a pot-luck dinner before the dance, and I'm afraid all those kids might take me up on it! 


  • Erin

    I like the pink, but I also like that first blue one with the silver sparklies….I’m a sucker for a blue dress… (in fact, I’m wearing one right now! However, I don’t think satin and silver sparkles would go over well at work – in a library, no less. Booo.)

  • Sharon

    Oh they are all lovely, but my fave is the pink one. Looks gorgeous on her. Girls are so much fun. I have 3 grown girls myself and miss those days of shopping for dresses though I am sure at the time it made me crazy. LOL

  • Catherine

    Sabrina makes all those dresses look good! My eye goes for the pink, but that may have more to do with having three boys and not getting to see much pink!
    What a cute dress on Sophie!! Did she try on any others?

  • Breanna

    i LOVE the second to last one…the fringy ruffle one. she could totally get some rockstar shoes and come supaa flashy jewelry and make it look fabulisicious. the pink one is pretty and really cool but EVERYONE will have that dress… even sabrina could tell you that one! the white and black flower one makes her look supa skinny and marvelous very classy. the last one is also very very very nice if she gets ride of that orange band on her wrist 😛
    fashionista bre

  • Wendy

    Oooh, love them all so she cannot go wrong. I hope she picked the one that makes her feel most beautiful and comfortable.
    From your commentary, it sounds like the pink one. That one and the top blue one are my absolute faves if I were picking for me. LOL

  • Natasha

    Ohh I just love dresses 🙂 I cant wait to see what she picked, I would wear that secod to last one with the tiered ruffles. I may have to do an online search and find that for myself.
    What a funtime the girls had 🙂

  • connie

    I love the pink one!!! I remember those shopping trips with our daughters. So much fun. I can hardly wait to see which one she picks. Enjoy this time with your girls.

  • joann tx

    i loved the blue dress w/the silver in it! and the pink comes in a close second!
    i’m not going to mention what my mother always said to me when i would try on dress’s! LOL!
    i think a pot luck dinner is a great idea! but will all the kids? and how many we talking about?

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