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Dog Duds

When we were in Kansas this past time, Sophie spied an entire doggy wardrobe that I had stuffed into a bag to be hauled out to the garage sale. She pulled out each piece – sweaters, raincoats, a "10 Karat Dog" shirt – and cried, "Mom! What are you thinking, putting these in the garage sale!?" I explained to her that I don't really care to dress dogs bc I think God blessed them with the perfect outfit just as they are, to which she replied, "But what about when it snows! Look how cute these are!! Oh please let me have them, please!"

I gave in.

Sophie and Missy tp 

I'm sure the Yorkie thinks Sophie has lost her mind, given the forecast for today. But something tells me that as long as Sophie carries her around like the 10-Karat dog the Yorkie believes herself to be, then all is forgiven.

Sophie and Missy tp 2


  • Jan

    OH gosh, gotta love those pics! Sophie is beautiful, as always, and that dog is dressed like a queen!! I can see why you caved, who could resist! lol

  • joann tx

    MY silly dogs LOVE to lay in the grass on a hot sunny day in 100 degree temps.
    so they don’t get heat stroke, i make them come into the a/c! sophie might want to bring the yorkie in out of the heat and remove the sweater. save that 10K dog for a colder day?
    but what cute pictures. looks like yorkie loves sophie, giving her doggie kisses! 🙂

  • Margaret

    I don’t blame Sophie one bit for wanting to keep the doggie clothes. What fun! lol! Cute pics — I love it! The yorkie probably loves it as well — except for the heat of course. 😀

  • Connie in Fla

    They look so adorable together. I’m thinking matching fall outfits might be in order – maybe matching hoodies in the appropriate team colors.

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