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Oh, the heat! I can't remember when it was so hot for so long here in the heartland. It's usually about this time that I wonder what possessed me to plant any vegetables during the springtime, bc I certainly don't want to have to go out in the heat and water them. Poor veggies. I'm a very bad veggie mom.

The flowers have been languishing as well, but yesterday I was very pleased to see a new neighbor in the gardenhood… the brown-eyed susans my parents brought from their garden last year have made their debut!

Dry tp 7

And just in time, bc all of the spring annuals are beginning to lose their luster. Here are the few that are hanging on for dear life…

Dry tp 5

Dry tp 6

Dry tp 8 

Dry tp 3 

Friday loves being outside, despite his tired expression (he'd stay out all day if I'd let him)…

Dry tp 2 

This little guy is a transplant from Mike's parents' garden. They loved garden gnomes, and since Jimmy was a huge Dallas Cowboys fan, I gifted him with this Dallas gnome one year. But now I'm a little startled when I see him hiding in my landscape, bc he reminds me of that creepy Travelocity dude that shows up in people's suitcases or bathtubs…

Dry tp 4 

Now today… today was a welcome change! We woke up to rain, and it was glorious! Not because the rain makes everything look fresh and anew.. no, no, that's not it. Today was glorious bc I finally got to pull on my new pair of rain boots!

Rain tp 1

I've never owned a pair of rainboots before. But a week ago I realized that I've always wanted to own a pair. This revelation came to me when Breanna and I were shopping at a department store and they were having a huge clearance sale, and these glorious red rain boots were on sale from $40 down to $8. How could I refuse?

(I have also always wanted to own a Scottish Terrier. However, since the Yorkie has come to dwell in my once-quiet home, I no longer have a hankering for a pooch in the terrier family. So I wear my would-be dream dog on my glorious new red rainboots.)

And since I thought Sabrina would look so stinking cute in a pair, I bought these as well!

Rain tp 2 

They're so me her!

Rain tp 3 

Sabrina was very excited when I told her I bought her a love present, but strangely enough, her countenance dimmed somewhat when I pulled these babies out of the bag. Maybe she got a cramp in her foot or something that kept her from being as giddy as I was.

As I write this blog post, I sit here wearing my glorious new red rainboots, drinking coffee, and listening to the patter of rain outside. In a little while, I may have to go pull on Sabrina's new boots, just to make sure they're broken in for her when she decides to wear them.

Besides, in the spirit of keeping up with the Jones', I'd like to match my new neighbor…

Dry tp 1


  • Leslie

    Love those boots Paulette! I love the umbrella pattern on the pair you purchased for Sabrina! If she won’t wear them I would love to take them off her hands. lol! I would so purchase a pair if I could find them for $8.

  • Danielle

    LOVE the boots, both pairs! You know you will be wearing the other ones also. LOL. Our flowers here have just about had it also. I’ve also been a bad flower mommie. The heat is just so stifling! Come on autumn!!

  • joann tx

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those RED boots!
    but i love red anyway! and the pups on them
    are great. i think Sabrina will probably let you borrow her new yellow umbrella boots occasionally also!
    what a great bargain for them!

  • Robin

    GREAT pics, Paulette! I especially love the geranium. And that gnome is too freaking cute for words! Although… it’d have to be a Deadskins gnome at my house… hmmm… I feel a christmas gift for the hubs coming on…
    Oh, and your rain boots? LOVE. I saw some at Target this spring that I really wanted… but I held out… now I’m regretting that!

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