To and Fro

I've been extremely busy this past week getting organized around the house, finding any available space for the things we were able to haul from Kansas last week,  getting school and dorm shopping done, filling orders, and cleaning up the Yorkie's calling cards.

(And did I mention that Breanna has hired me to stitch her new models for her? For free? How is it, at 19 years old, she still has me wrapped around her finger?)

I did manage, however, to complete Sea Hag and get her photo taken this morning for a sneak. She'll be released in September at the St. Charles market, and I really hope you all like her!

Sea Hag sneak tp 

Guess I'd better get to Bre's models before she sees me sitting here slacking and fires me.

On second thought…

11 Replies to “To and Fro”

  1. Oh no fair!! Your mom always gets to see things first. lol! I love what I can see! I’m a sucker for ocean and boat themes. 😀 Better watch out for Breanna! 😀

  2. Sea Hag looks to be a wonderful sampler, and I’m sure it will be a must for my nautical wall!
    No matter their age they always keep us wrapped around their finger!

  3. hum….how did you manage to let your eldest daughter get you to do her stitching model? hum…could it be like mother like daughter? doesn’t your mom do some of your model stitching….soemtimes? LOL!
    great tastes run in the family!
    can’t wait to see sea hag in her entirety (is that the right word?) and brea’s new model!!!

  4. Ahhh, finally a peek to tempt us with. Please Paulette, take a year off from designing, maybe a bit longer. I CANNOT KEEP UP WITH YOUR DESIGNS!!!! I have a GROWING basket of your charts and you bring out yet another to make my head spin. I need to sit down, calm my nerves, (get the credit card at the ready to place an order), inhale, exhale!

  5. Am I going to be able to order this on line because Sea Hag sounds right up my alley, you know I like the creepy!!!

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