Recently Sophie was lamenting over the fact that her big sisters got to do a “photo shoot” with me and she didn’t. I told her I would be more than happy to take her pictures, and the only reason I started taking her sisters’ portraits in the first place was bc I wanted the practice. She got very excited when I agreed to take her out and let her pose for me (something I can never get her to do on any other day), but her countenance immediately dulled when I told her she was NOT allowed to put on mascara.

You see, Sophie is a bit of a glamourista. If she has two pennies to rub together, she’s going to scour the drugstore aisles for fake nails that cost .02 cents. If it sparkles, she wants it in her hair. The first time Sabrina ever gave her a makeover, she stared at herself in the mirror for 3 days, completely besotted with her new look.

And heaven forbid anyone tell her she has green eyes. “They’re brown. Brown, brown, BROWN!” she says. Jessica Simpson-brown, so there.

Glamourista or no, I refused to let her wear mascara, but she smiled for me anyway. And all I had to say was that she looks like she’s eleven, and not ten.

Sophie tp 1 

Sophie tp 2 

Sophie tp 3 

Sophie tp 4

Let’s see if that whole one-year-older trick works when she’s 29.

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  1. Paulette, you are fantastic with a camera! I love love love these pictures of Sophie! Quite the young lady! Tell her she’s gorgeous and doesn’t need mascara to enhance her gorgeousness. 😀

  2. I have always said I am SO GLAD I had a boy but now that I’ve seen the pictures of your three lovely daughters I almost wish I would have had a girl too.
    I said…”almost”!!!
    I don’t need to know you personally to know that you and your husband are wonderful parents!
    God bless your family.

  3. Awww..just seeing her personality in those pics makes me nearly laugh out loud! She’s so bubbly. My Joonie doesn’t need mascara to be as pretty as her older sisters. That one does love her fake fingernails, doesn’t she!? LoL! Great pics!!

  4. What a beautiful little girl Sophie is! The second picture in your group is SO pretty. It’s my favorite. All of them are adorable, but that one is really precious. Nothing wrong with being a “girly” girl! I used to draw on earrings with a marker pen because my parents wouldn’t let me get my ears pierced! They finally gave in when I was 12! The whining finally took its toll on them 🙂

  5. Sophie is just adorable. Love her smile. My baby turned 29 today. The time goes by so fast. Enjoy this time with her. I love the videos where she announces winners. Too cute. Your pictures are wonderful. Take care.

  6. glamourista’s ROCK!!!!!!
    great, beautiful pictures. don’t need mascara to be beautiful!
    love those nails! and your press on’s look FABULOUS!!!!
    and HEY! i have hazel eyes – brown AND green!!!!

  7. Oh, these turned out beautifully (of course!!)!!!
    Sophie does not need mascara getting in the way of those beautiful sparkling eyes!
    I can’t decide which one I like best… her leaning against the fence is beautiful, but I think I have to pick the last one… her personality sooo shines through. Whata doll she is!

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