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Double Digits

Today is Sophie's 10th birthday, and all she's talked about is how she's FINALLY in the "double digits." I'm so proud of my sweet girl, and for what a lovely young lady she is.

I have hundreds and hundreds of photos of my Sophie, but here are just a few of my favorites…

This was my favorite dress on her (she was at one of Sabrina's soccer games)…


This one cracks me up, bc the older girls and I were getting ready to head out to a cheerleading banquet, and we all bent over to have our picture taken with Sophie…but she bent over too!


My ballerina…



In the sprinkler with friends, one hot summer day…


She loved this little hat…


In the second grade…


If I've posted this once, I've posted it a thousand times, but I can't help it! It's my all-time very very very favorite picture. My brother loves his nieces, and they love him. 🙂


This was in the pumpkin patch a couple of years ago…


And here she was just a couple of days ago, making some cupcake pops to celebrate her upcoming big day…

Cupcakes tp 4 

Cupcakes tp 2 

Cupcakes tp 1 

Happy Birthday, Sophie! It's going to be a fun day. 🙂

Cupcakes tp 3


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