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I've had fun peeking around and taking pictures of different flowers just opening up…

If you've visited my mom's blog lately, you've seen parts of her lovely garden, and I'm excited for everything to open up bc it's all so beautiful. It's always fun to see what new things she and my dad decide to plant and grow. 

The photo of the bloom below is from my own back yard, but it was in mother's back yard at one time. Last year she decided to thin out some things, and I was happy to take her hand-me-downs. (Wouldn't that be a sweet name for a type of flower?)

Geranium tp 

These daisies were given to me by a neighbor about 15 years ago, who didn't want them in her garden any more…

Daisy tp 1 

This little fellow was visiting an opening bud… just after I took this photo, he ran underneath a petal.

Aphid tp 1 

I love these sturdy little plants…

Salvia tp 1 

Salvia tp 2 

Oh – and one more thing my mother passed on from her garden to mine…

Dandelion tp 1 


That's it for the flower photos, but before I go I'd like to show you Brea's new hair cut… it was a really tough decision to get a whopping 10 inches cut off, but I'm glad she went for it. 🙂 Don't worry, sweet girl. It will grow back. 

Just like the dandelions in Meems' yard.

Breanna tp 1  


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