Turkey Love

This one was a fun stitch!

Turkey Love tp

The fabric used on the model was 36 ct. Vintage Pecan Butter from Lakeside Linens, and the threads called for are Belle Soie (Moss, Red Fox, and Poison Apple) and Needlepoint Inc. silks (993, 973, 971, 694, 244, 775, 315, 981, and 342). The stitch count is 90 x 89, and the frame is by The Family Tree Frame Company.

I'm getting excited for Thanksgiving… it's almost time for Honeybaked Ham and mango salsa! I can't wait!

Coming Soon

The online Needlework Show is going to be opening on the 20th, and I'll have 3 new releases. You saw Eulalie Long yesterday, and here's another one…

Tp 1

This one is called Poor Maidens, based on an old Christmas carol…

Poor Maidens MODEL 2 tp

This is the same frame used for Christmas Tea, by The Family Tree Frame Company. The model was stitched on 40 ct. Vintage Pearled Barley by Lakeside Linens, and calls for Belle Soie silks in Poison Apple, Moss, Attic Tea, Eiffel Tower, Espresso, Angel Blush, and Vanilla Pudding. The stitch count is 132 x 132.

I'll be in Myrtle Beach at the Pals Convention during the online show, but if I can get to a computer, I'd love to browse all the "booths" to see what's new for October! Again, if you'd like to have your shopowner order this or any of my other charts, they'll be posted under Kelmscott Designs on the vendor page.

ETA: It's come to my attention that the above photo is a bit too busy to read the verse, so here's a slightly closer one…

Poor Maidens tp

Imagine, if you will…

Some of you may know that I have a special place in my heart for the creepy and macabre. When I first started designing, I decided to create tombstone samplers, hoping there were a few stitchers out there who would enjoy having such a collection. I quickly found out, however, that I was in the minority – especially when I first attended market and a few shopowners, upon seeing the Emma Nettles model, exited my suite as quickly as they entered.

However, this did not deter me, and now I have soon-to-be eight headstones in The Exhumeplary Collection. Almost all of them have an obituary included with their owner's tombstone (albeit purely fictitious), and all lived their lives in "the town of Stratham." (Pronounced STRAT-um, and also imaginary.)

Since there is a newly-designed death in Stratham, I decided to take a walk through the cemetery as it stands so far. I'd love it if you'd join me!

Meet Emma Nettles… an ill-tempered widow, yes she was. She met her fate by falling into a well in 1636.

Tp 6

Many years ago, the word "AEtat" was used on tombstones as an abbreviation for anno aetatis suae, which is latin for "in the year of his/her age." Read in modern English, Emma's headstone would read, "She finally departed this life May the 19th, 1636, aged 74 years and 6 days." The fine print on her stone reads "The one she loved most lies 'neath this headpost."

I'm thinking about using that for Mike's, should he pass before me. heehee.

This is sweet Jane Withers… she was kindhearted, and lived with her sister until her death at the tender age of 22 in the year 1640…

Tp 1

Jane's tombstone has always been my favorite, and is the only one actually displayed in my home.

This is the Tomb with a View stone, but the residents of Stratham know it better as Mehitable Grubb's final resting place….

Tp 2

Mehitable was much talked-about in town, as she was divorced 7 times.  She died in 1709.

Here is Eliza Pennance

Tp 7

Not much is known about poor Eliza, other than she died in 1726. You see, when I first started coming out with these tombstone charts, I included their obituaries on a small piece of paper, inserted into the chart. I called these inserts "toe tags," and somehow I've lost Eliza's. If someone out there has one of the first runs of Eliza's chart and received a toe tag with it, I'd love to hear what the heck happened to her.

Next on our cemetery walk is the lovely Tillie Figg. Tillie was warm, welcoming, and truly a righteous, Godly woman. Her husband, Amos Figg, was devastated to lose her…

Tp 4

A year to the day later, in 1808, Amos joined her in Heaven…

Tp 5

Btw, it was Amos who founded The Stratham Timepiece, his quaint little clock shop. Amos never owned his own time piece, however, stating that "God's timing is better than mine anyway."

Here is Dead Man's Chess, which is a standard-sized gameboard (when stitched on 32 ct. linen) of headstones. Some of the townsfolk interred here are Josephine Hill, Jane Farrow, Goody Martin, and the Reverend Wuller. There is even a blank headstone to add your own name, if you dare…

Tp 3

And so we reach a new plot in Stratham's cemetery.

But first, here's me, standing on Emma's grave…

Tp 8

I'm kind of afraid to go to sleep tonight now.

As I was saying, there's a new grave to stitch, and the funeral will be on October 20th during the Online Needlework Show. My new releases will be on the Kelmscott Designs page, so if you're interested in purchasing any of them, let your local or online shopowner know.

Meet Eulalie Long

Tp 10

Eulalie was a kindly, charitable woman, and she died in 1789, leaving behind her husband, Ethan Long. She is stitched on 36 ct. Vintage Sand Dune using both Needlepoint Inc. silks (222 and 967) and Belle Soie (Peacock, Vanilla Pudding, Scarecrow, Orchid, Attic Tea, and Poison Apple). Her stitch count is 199 x 216.

Tp 11

I'd like to thank Nicole Neville for a beautiful job on the model!

Thank you for taking the time to walk through my little collection. I hope I haven't disturbed you too badly… but I did warn you in the beginning. 😉

(These graves would probably be more fun/creepy to stand on if it was dark out…)

Tp 9

And Finally…

Here is Buttons Black…

Buttons Black MODEL tp

The stitch count for this one is 94 x 97, and it is stitched on Lakeside's 36 ct. Autumn Gold using Gentle Art Sampler Threads in Nutmeg, Raven, Walnut, Endive, Mulberry, and Shaker White.

The frame is called "The June," and it was provided by The Family Tree Frame Company. I love the swirly accents on the corners!

And aren't those witch boot scissors the cutest things? They're new from Kelmscott Designs! (Btw, I got those gorgeous buttons from Kelmscott too… they're polished mother-of-pearl on one side, and unfinished mother-of-pearl on the other. I prefer the unfinished side!)

Btw, Hodgepodge Cottage has a few new designs coming out as well, so check back on her Facebook page to see if she's updated! :)  Yoohooo…. Bre!

Online Needlework Show

As you may know, The Needlework Show is headed to a computer near you on April 14th. I have two releases for this show…

Here is Favorite Spot Sampler

Favorite Spot Sampler tp

I got the inspiration for this from the "My Favorite Things" song from The Sound of Music, in case the verse looks familiar. On the sampler you'll spot things like "girls in white dresses" (okay, just one girl!), "brown paper packages tied up with string," snowflakes (no eyelashes though), and the obvious – copper kettles and mittens. 😉 I've also add a couple of my own favorite things, like the deer and pines.

This sampler was stitched on 36 count Vintage Lentil by Lakeside Linens, and the stitch count is 189 x 133. The threads are by The Gentle Art…

Old Red Paint
Brethren Blue
Forest Glade
Old Hickory
Dried Thyme
Espresso Bean

(DMC color conversion is 221, 732, 924, 935, 950, 3045, 3051, 3371, 3826, and Ecru.)

And here is Favorite Font Sampler

Favorite Font Sampler tp

I love fonts. And in case you haven't heard of this verse before, it's what was (and sometimes still is) used to teach typing. According to Wikipedia, the verse was first used in the Michigan School Moderator in 1885 as a suggestion for writing practice, as it contains every letter of the alphabet.

By the way, the Xacto knife and words in the dish in the background was something I did bc while I was arranging the photograph, I was reminded of my days as my high school newspaper's editor, when we had to cut copy with Xacto knives and make sure our picas were perfect. 😉 (Back then, a pica was 10 letters to the inch… now I prefer in 36 threads to the inch. Ha.)

Favorite Font Sampler was stitched on 36 count Vintage Examplar by Lakeside Linens, and the stitch count is 132 x 77. The threads used are by Needlepoint Inc. in 904, 954, and 245. (DMC conversion is 167, 611, 3011.)

I hope you like these latest releases.. and I hope your day today is one of your favorites! 😉

ETA: The Favorite Font Sampler pillow was tea-bag-and-coffee dyed after it was completely finished. The dark spots are from instant coffee granules being smeared onto the wet fabric.

Hares’ Autumn and Winter

These complete the four seasons series for the hares, although I may be adding other holidays. In the retail lineup so far, there are Hares' Spring, Hares' Summer, Hares' Halloween, and Hares' Christmas.

Here are the supplies for Hares' Autumn…

Hares' Autumn tp 

Fabric: 36 ct. Vintage Light Examplar by Lakeside Linens

Stitch Count: 87 x 74

Frame: The Family Tree Frame Co. (A "Branch" of Crescent Colours!)

Threads: Gentle Art Sampler Threads in…
Old Hickory
Tarnished Gold
Brethren Blue (love that name!)
Wood Trail
Briar Rose

And finally, here is Hares' Winter…

Hares' Winter tp 

This one was photographed out in the snow, which was fun. 🙂

Fabric: 36 ct. Vintage Light Examplar by Lakeside Linens

Stitch Count: 79 x 76

Frame: The Family Tree Frame Co. (A "Branch" of Crescent Colours!)

Threads: Gentle Art Sampler Threads in…
Summer Shower
Old Hickory
Wood Trail
Dried Thyme

Thank you to my dear friend Chris Laurion for stitching this model for me! She knows how I abhor stitching models, so she helped me out. 🙂

If you like the hare family, there are some free charts you may not be aware of. If you check the "freebie" category in the sidebar, you'll find these hare charts to choose from…

Hares' New Year
Autumn Blessings
Hares' Lucky Day
Hares' Visit (for a trip to the doctor… designed with my mother in mind, as she's a medical transcriptionist)
Hares' Fathers Day
Hares' Mothers Day
Hares' Easter

You'll also find other free charts there, so just wade through them until you find the ones you like!

I want to thank all of you who have shown your fondness for these silly hares. They were born out of a desire to try my hand at something primitive in style, yet failing miserably. I'm grateful that there are those of you out there who have enjoyed my failures – and I mean that in a good way! 😉

I hope the upcoming market gives you lots to be happy about! I'm looking forward to seeing what my favorite designers are offering. 🙂

The Flood

For those of you who would like the supplies list for The Flood, here it is!

The Flood ss

Fabric: 36 ct. Vintage Buttercream by Lakeside Linens.

Stitch Count: 453 x 315

Needlepoint Inc. Silks (with DMC equivalent in parentheses):

672 (169)
209 (221)
142 (224)
993 (310)
673 (414)
305 (433)
904 (435)
903 (436)
933 (451)
256 (469)
965 (535)
973 (611)
971 (613)
974 (640)
972 (644) [2 skeins suggested]
964 (646)
694 (680)
696 (729)
245 (730)
242 (732)
763 (738)
955 (829)
325 (924)
321 (927)
203 (945)
241 (3012)
584 (3031) [3 skeins suggested]
183 (3032)
693 (3046)
548 (3051)
184A (3790)
775 (3826)
127 (3858)
125 (3859)
984 (3862)
992 (Ecru)

The frame is by the fabulous ladies (and gentleman!) of Valley House Primitives.

I'll be back tomorrow with the supply lists for Hares' Winter and Hares' Autumn.

In the meantime, my printer worketh.

P.S. The glasses in the photo belonged to my great-grandfather. 🙂

Last Release for 2010

I've had a lot of fun designing this past year, and I love all the people I've met through the process. I had so many ideas swirling around in my head (mostly after a hefty dose of coffee), but only had time to bring a handful to fruition. Which means the rest are either still swirling around in my head or they've been put to paper and stuffed into my "Future Designs" file folder. (Btw, when I've looked through this folder in the past, I've stumbled across many ideas that leave me scratching my head and thinking, "What on earth was I thinking?")

These little ornaments have been finished for quite a while now, but I never got around to releasing them. (Btw, thank you to my mom, who stitched Esther! I love you, Mom!)

Here is We Three

We Three tp

Enjoy your Wednesday! I'll be busy trying to figure out what to release for market in February!

School’s in Session

In addition to HallowEden, I've got another new release coming out at the online Needlework Show. It's called Miss Lucian's School for Girls, Lesson One. There will be more in this series, but they need to be designed first!

Miss Lucian Lesson 1 tp

The Needlework Show starts on October 21st and runs through the 26th. If you see something you'd like, just inform your shopowner and if they're registered to "attend" the show, they'll place your order. Easy!

Coming Soon

Here's one I'll be releasing at the upcoming online Needlework Show, which is October 21-26. It's called HallowEden, and the chart will include the option of making it slightly more Halloween-themed, if you so choose.

HallowEden tp

Thank you to The Family Tree Frame Co. for providing the awesome frame (which reminded me of apples, which inspired me to design another A&E!), Crescent Colours for the cotton fibers, and Lakeside Linens for the gorgeous Vintage River Willow linen!

P.S. The sampler sitting under the cup of hot apple cider (posted on Oct. 1) was this one. 🙂