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As you may know, The Needlework Show is headed to a computer near you on April 14th. I have two releases for this show…

Here is Favorite Spot Sampler

Favorite Spot Sampler tp

I got the inspiration for this from the "My Favorite Things" song from The Sound of Music, in case the verse looks familiar. On the sampler you'll spot things like "girls in white dresses" (okay, just one girl!), "brown paper packages tied up with string," snowflakes (no eyelashes though), and the obvious – copper kettles and mittens. 😉 I've also add a couple of my own favorite things, like the deer and pines.

This sampler was stitched on 36 count Vintage Lentil by Lakeside Linens, and the stitch count is 189 x 133. The threads are by The Gentle Art…

Old Red Paint
Brethren Blue
Forest Glade
Old Hickory
Dried Thyme
Espresso Bean

(DMC color conversion is 221, 732, 924, 935, 950, 3045, 3051, 3371, 3826, and Ecru.)

And here is Favorite Font Sampler

Favorite Font Sampler tp

I love fonts. And in case you haven't heard of this verse before, it's what was (and sometimes still is) used to teach typing. According to Wikipedia, the verse was first used in the Michigan School Moderator in 1885 as a suggestion for writing practice, as it contains every letter of the alphabet.

By the way, the Xacto knife and words in the dish in the background was something I did bc while I was arranging the photograph, I was reminded of my days as my high school newspaper's editor, when we had to cut copy with Xacto knives and make sure our picas were perfect. 😉 (Back then, a pica was 10 letters to the inch… now I prefer in 36 threads to the inch. Ha.)

Favorite Font Sampler was stitched on 36 count Vintage Examplar by Lakeside Linens, and the stitch count is 132 x 77. The threads used are by Needlepoint Inc. in 904, 954, and 245. (DMC conversion is 167, 611, 3011.)

I hope you like these latest releases.. and I hope your day today is one of your favorites! 😉

ETA: The Favorite Font Sampler pillow was tea-bag-and-coffee dyed after it was completely finished. The dark spots are from instant coffee granules being smeared onto the wet fabric.


  • Leslie

    I love the Favorite Font Sampler! I put proposals together for a living and I love using different Fonts to make things stand out.

  • Karen CA

    I love both of these, but particularly the Favorite Font Sampler. I can remember typing that over and over when I was learning to type oh so many years ago .. it served me well as I make my living transcribing 🙂 Will definitely have to have this … love it! I also really like the finishing on each of these pieces.

  • joann tx

    my favorite is also the favorite font sampler!
    and i today still use an xacto tho we no longer have a font machine….

  • Annette

    My grandmother taught high school typing in Michigan many many years ago. I’m *very* familiar with that lazy dog!
    The other phrase she taught was “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.” 😉

  • Linda Huson

    I love both! Not sure which is my favorite… I learned to type with that phrase back in (well, a long time ago) LOL! What is very odd, for the past few days, I’ve been humming “my favorite things”, singing out the words here and there. And then I see your new design and well, it was kinda freaky!
    Linda in VA

  • Michelle

    I love your new designs! My profession is medical transcriptionist, so I’m definitely ordering Favorite Font, which I will proudly display in my office!
    Thanks Paulette!

  • Lynn

    Both designs are great! The FFS brought back some memories for me. I haven’t seen that phrase since I took typing in Grade 11. I’m one of those dinosaurs now though so I don’t know if they still use it.

  • Linen Stitcher

    I like them both, Paulette. I’m an editor who works regularly with graphic designers to prepare publication layouts. The “quick brown fox” statement is still used to test how various letters within a font will look, so I’m thinking I will probably have to stitch that one. Love the “Favorite Spot Sampler” as well. Primitive designs get me every time.

  • Patti

    I absolutely adore both of your new patterns!!! (Eventhough I failed typing in high school) I’ve gotten a little better 😉
    Blessings, Patti

  • Valie

    Love, love, love the favourite font sampler. Bound to end up in my portfolio of must have, must stitch (and will not find the time to stitch – at least it will be a great addition to my collection).

  • Rosanna

    Hi, your pangram was so cute I decided to disegn an Italian pangram too. It’s very similar to your, as the words in the pangrams are almost the same in English and Italian.

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