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I woke up at 4 this morning, unable to get back to sleep; I've not slept well this week, knowing that August 12 is coming up on me very quickly.

I've been blogging for a long time, even though for the past few years, my life seems to have settled into a routine that leaves little time for taking photos. Mostly my pictures are through Instagram, and when they are of my family, I will sometimes get a comment or two about how some of you have watched the girls grow up on my blog.

Which brings me back to August 12. Tomorrow my baby girl leaves for college.

For those of you who have been with me for a while (thank you so much for that!), you may remember some of these moments with my crazy, sweet little Sophie…




Remember when Bre left for college, and Sophie snuck into her closet and played dress-up?


And since Bre's car was left at home, Sophie had a grand time being sneaky here as well…



Remember when I found out she had been taking Steve Irwin selfies on my camera?



This one was from when Bre's Tilly was a baby, and she and Sophie became fast friends…


Then we moved into the middle school years, when her hair extensions were her pride and joy…


And then came Sophie's own Tilly… She had been missing Bre's Tilly, and when the humane society had named this one Tilly too, we knew it was meant to be…




Sweet sixteen…


Then seventeen…





Sophie graduated in December of 2017, so she didn't walk with her class in May of 2018. But we still surprised her with a party, and had her don Sabrina's old cap and gown…


And then she turned eighteen…


Today is August 11, and tomorrow we move Sophie into her new dorm at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. It's not far from home, but that hasn't really been a consolation to me. This child is my heart, just like her sisters are. She's finally beginning the part of her life she's most looked forward to – being an adult and choosing her path; the part I always looked the most forward to – being a stay-at-home mom – is ending. 

But I know my tears won't last long, as my girl has promised to keep me updated on everything new she's experiencing. And I'll be jumping for my phone every time I hear a text come in from her! How on earth can the sadness stay, when God has given so much? 

Please pray for my girl this week… but mostly pray for me.


We're coming for you, August 12.


  • Beth

    I’m one of those who has been reading your blog and watched your girls grow up into beautiful young women. I just cried a couple of tears myself reading this! Good luck to Sophie on her new adventure!

  • Nicole

    Awe, Paulette!!!! I’ll be thinking of you! We move Bradley in on the 20th, so we are just beginning. I can’t even imagine how I’ll be feeling when it’s Matthew’s turn. Lots and lots of hugs during this time!!

  • Karen

    It’s bittersweet, isn’t it? I remember, when my youngest left for college, thinking that the only thing I ever wanted to do well was over. I cried a lot the first month. But how could I be sad when my kids were so happy? They were exactly where they needed to be and were doing so well. Eventually, I adjusted and found a new level of freedom, which was fun. And they came home. They left again, but then they came back and left and came back and I realized how proud I was and how I never really lost them at all. I bet that’s what happens to you too! Hugs, —Karen

  • Cynthia Harris

    She’s a beautiful daughter. It’s so hard and wonderful at the same time to see them grow up. My youngest, Rachel, was with me for 27 years choosing to go to college close to home. Last year she moved into her own place for the first time and I’m still not used to her being gone. It’s like part of me is missing. But she is also close to home and I see her often. Enjoy your time discovering your new place in life.

  • Sharon

    Awwww…I went through my oldest going off to uni last year and my youngest will go next year. Totally dreading it. I want to be their mum forever with them round me all the time and to only see them a few times a year will be a killer! Still they have grown into confident young adults so I must have done something right! Good luck to Sophie – and you for 12 August. xx

  • Darlene North

    Sophie enjoy your journey !!!
    Beautiful family it has been wonderful seeing all 3 of your daughters
    Grow up.
    Wishes and prayers are being sent but you don’t need them
    You all are strong and will be ok
    Darlene N

  • Charlene

    This was a great walk down memory lane for all of us – mostly you. You have lived the dream I was not given – being that stay at home mom. The stay at home part changes now but the being the mom never will. These are strong women now and you will will be their mom through all the new adventures and we will still be here waiting for updates. Keep the Kleenex close. All will be well.

  • joann mccormick

    OMG! they grow up so fast and right before our eyes! I know my most favorite picture of sophie was her Halloween picture as the queen. with the white face and “pinched” lips. she is so beautiful, just like her sisters.
    CONGRATULATIONS SOPHIE! on graduating early and now heading off to college!

  • Shelly

    I’m one of those who has been reading your blog for awhile now. Amazing to see her grow up in your pictures. Prayers to you Paulette on dealing with this. I can truly say it gets easier with time.

  • Robin in Virginia

    Best wishes to you, Sophie as you begin the next leg in your life’s journey! Prayers being said for you as you embark on the beginning of your college years and prayers for you, Paulette. Thinking of you all tomorrow!

  • Vanessa Totten

    I know the feeling. When we were moving our youngest to the University of Illinois, a whopping 45 minutes away, I didn’t make it a mile down the road before bawling my head off. You get used to it, then the sadness is replaced by all the new and exciting things they are experiencing and then it becomes fun and you treasure the times they are home visiting. Prayers for your girl and of course, for mom as well!

  • Natalia

    Bitter sweet moment,dear friend. I am excited with you to see the next part of this precious girl’s life. My heart breaks with yours that your little girl is leaving the nest, but you are right… why sadness when God has given so much? Praying with you that her life is a wonderful one and that her mama finds strength and peace while missing your girl. Love you!! 😘😘

  • Debby

    I relate, Paulette. My only graddaughter leaves at 4 am Tuesday. She’s going to Nebraska Wesleyan University in Lincoln! That’s about 8 hours from where we are. I’m going to miss my munchkin, too. But I remember watching Sophie grow up as well and it’s as unbelievable that she’s heading out on her own, too!

  • Margaret

    The last one to leave the nest. You can do it! And she’ll do great! Still can’t believe she’s going to college. So weird to think I’ve been following you long enough to watch your kids grow up and fly the nest. Good luck to Sophie. Hang in there, mom.

  • Clare

    They grow up so quickly and it only seems yesterday(but it`s not) that they where babies. Pray things go smoothly as your daughter moves to her next stage in life. At least they can text,keep smiling.:)

  • Mia

    Congrats! I originally found your blog when I was looking for a certain board (bored?) game reviews, and started reading your blog ever since. But to college already? Time really does fly!

  • Vicki

    Oh my, I can’t believe she’s on her way to college. It seems like just yesterday I started reading your blog and she was, well, she was little! As you already know, it’s tough to see them go, while being exhilarating at the same time. As each one of my four left home the quiet is what did me in, but I was also super excited to see what they chose to do as adults. You and your husband have raised a super young woman (actually three of them) and now she will take all that you’ve given her and share it with the world. Congratulations on a job well done!

  • Robin Hager

    I’m not a mother, but I cried reading this. I know the closeness a mother and daughter feel, because I was very close to my mom. When I moved away from home, I think I cried as much as my mom did! That being said, Sophie has a world of wonderful experiences waiting for her! Try to think about all of the new and amazing things ahead in the future for her and for yourself! I know you all will stay close, and that’s a GOOD thing! Sending you much love and hugs.

  • Deb in Tex

    My life was being a stay at home Mom to my 2 boys, Joshua and Jordan. I thought I would die when the first left for college and then was destroyed when the second left. Twenty years later I still feel the loss because I loved having my little boys at home. The youngest has given me two wonderful grandchildren and my life is full again when they come to MeeMee’s. But I miss those baby boys. God’s blessings and strength for you and your family.

  • Leslie

    Paulette I know how you feel. My youngest started college last year and I became an empty nester. I have adjusted and I always look forward to when he comes home!

  • Christine Richards

    What a lovely way to send your daughter off with this picture parade! I’m currently stitching “Summertide Blessings” and loving it! I just wanted to check if it should be the color ‘red rock’ used on the stripes of the flag instead of ‘terra cotta’? Thank you for your beautiful designs!

  • Melody Bryan

    all your daughters are so gorgeous – what a lovely family you have raised. I feel sad for you and my other friends who are losing their children to a new chapter in their life. I pray for them all and their parents. I never wanted to be a parent and these days I’m still glad for my decision. When I am old and very alone – I’m sure I will regret that decision but no one knows what God has chosen for their life. We are all in his hands – Love Mel

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