Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

I sort of really like George Washington.

Maybe you knew that.

So to celebrate his birthday this week, I've got a free chart for you! (This little design was inspired by one of my favorite peep-peeps, Wendy Davis, because she was thoughtful enough to send me an e-birthday card this morning – for George's birthday, of course; mine was last month. Thank you for the laugh, Wendy!)

If you'd like to download and print the chart, the link is below the image. 🙂

Happy Presidents Day Eve! (Don't worry, Mr. Lincoln, I love you too.)

Happy Birthday Mr President tp

Download and print: Happy Birthday Mr President

I'll see you all soon!


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  1. Thank you so much Paulette!!! You have brought joy to a dreary work day in Illinois!!! Seriously, I was having a blah day and you just gave me such joy! Love this little piece and can’t wait to stitch it. Sending you serious hugs and thanks!

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