Foster Babies!

I love dogs.

I love cats.

I love anything with fur and four legs, and I always have. And Sophie is just like me.

Since we have enough dogs and cats for one household, we have decided that the next best thing for Miss Sophie to do is to foster kittens for the Nebraska Humane Society. When we got the email, we were able to choose the ages and numbers we could work with, which means that Sophie now has four little six-week-old babies in her charge for the next two weeks or so.

I've decided that if we don't actually name the kittens, we may not be as tempted to keep them, but I'm not entirely convinced this plan is going to work.

Here is the one we call The-Black-and-White-One:

FV4A4190 small

And this one is The-Orange-One:

FV4A4180 small

And finally, laying beside The-Orange-One are his brother and sister: The-Little-Black-Cat-That's-A-Boy-And-Has-The-White-Spot and The-Black-Cat-That's-A-Girl (yes, that is actually what we call them):

FV4A4186 small

I find it interesting that the little orange tabby doesn't even look like the same kitten in the two photos; sometimes his eyes are a bright blue, and other times they fade to a pale green. He is a true beauty, and a very calm little boy. The black and white kitten in the first photo is the only one unafraid of Martha, and is the most active of the bunch. And the little black brother and sister pair are exact opposites: the girl (on the right) is feisty and confident, while her smaller brother is very shy and timid. (Of the four, my heart may belong to him.)(But I shall not name him!)

Thank you for stopping by to meet the little fosters in our home! Sophie has been a very sweet foster mom, and my hope is that in two weeks' time, they will be on their way to new families who will love them as much as she has.


  • Kristen from MA

    Fostering is a wonderful thing, Paulette. A brave thing too, because look at those faces! Those faces are the reason I can’t foster.

  • Joann mccormick

    Ok, I’m a foster fail mother. And I’d never give my Annie up. She is a big goof ball.
    But thank you Sophie for fostering! And I love the names so you won’t get toooo attached. All of them are adorable and this is from a dog person. But look at their eyes!!!! OMG! The gorgeous colors! Joann
    Ps, I hope you don’t have firecracker issues with them.

  • Vickie

    Good for Sophie! I could never foster. I am a HUGE softie. Our next door neighbors constantly foster dogs. I told them years ago not to get a poodle!!!

  • Betty

    How wonderful! Am sure these beautiful kitty babies are being loved and given the best home a kitty could ever hope to have. My heart has a special place for kitties and I would become known as the crazy cat lady because I am not sure I could give them up.

  • Jeannine Foss

    Awwww, darling babies. I foster the bottle babies for our local Humane Society and local rescue groups. It’s impossible not to get attached to them. I don’t think there’s a way around that. Thank you for being a foster and taking care of these sweet babies.

  • Judy

    What sweet furbabies, Paulette. I think I might be a gonner with The-Little-Black-Cat-That’s-A-Boy-And-Has-The-White-Spot too. 🙂

  • Terri

    Good for you! I would never be able to foster animals…. I would want to keep them all! These 4 are SO sweet! Good luck to both of you!

  • Claire

    I’m laughing rofl.
    I fostered 4 kittens 9 years ago. Did the same as you, and called them “the big one”, “the little one”, the blue one” (a sort of Russian blue/grey) and “Ribbon” (because he was idential twin to “the big one” so we tied a ribbon round his neck.
    When they were 8 weeks old, I took them back to be adopted. And over the next week, I phoned daily to see who had found a new home. After a fortnight, 3 had been adopted but “the blue one” hadn’t. He ended up coming home to us and his name ? ? ? Le Bleu (the blue one) rofl.

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