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Shepherd’s Bush! (Part 2)

ETA: This post was written this morning, as my greeting suggests, but my computer was being ornery with me, so it didn't get uploaded. Sorry about that!

Good morning!

Let me go pour another cup of coffee and I'll be right back…

Okay, I'm back! (I really did go pour another cup of coffee.)

Yesterday we left off in the middle of the Shepherd's Bush shop in Ogden, Utah, and today we'll finish our brief tour (I say brief, because you have no idea how brimming the shop is until you've been there!). After that, we will step out onto 24th Street and head to Rensel Art Studio, about 5 minutes away!




You would not believe all of the stitching embellishments in the shop! This is just one tiny section…



When you look up into the rafters, you see lots of beautiful baskets hanging there…


And perhaps a pair of ice skates…




I actually fell in love with this little Mosey N Me design, and bought it just as Shepherd's Bush had stitched it – which is a bit different from the original.


And now we head to Jill's, as it's fondly referred to by shop patrons. If you are not familiar with Jill of Rensel Art Studio fame, she is the one who mats and frames all of the Shepherd's Bush designs, as well as all of the models displayed in their store. Cross stitchers all over the country (the world?) have mailed their pieces to her so that she and her partner-in-art, Amber, can work their magic! I don't have too many photos to share, as I mostly spent time visiting, but here are just a few…

Brenda and I loved the saying on the wall, which is accented by the enormous gilded frame beneath:




These are the little welcome gifts Jill and Amber were passing out.. they went with the Shepherd's Bush retreat theme of Embrace the Journey, as each little capsule also had a travel charm attached to it:



And finally, the lovely ladies themselves! (Jill is on the left, and Amber is on the right):


Tomorrow, if you come back, we will head up to the mountains of Park City for the retreat itself! What an absolutely perfect time it was. I hope to see you soon!



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