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Where Did My Year Go?

While Sophie and I were out and about today, she said to me, "I can't believe it will be 2017 in five months. Weren't we just saying we can't believe it's 2016?"

Firstly, I can't believe how swiftly the time is flying by, and secondly, I can't believe that a sixteen-year-old would notice.

And speaking of sixteen (I promise, this was not a planned segue), I never even got to share Sophie's birthday with you! All the way back in May! I was looking through all of the photos from the past eight months, trying to organize them, and I can't believe how much I've missed in the bustle that is this year. Yes, I was there to take the photo, but perhaps I wasn't actually there in the moment. I imagine this is what my mother has been trying to tell me, when she tells me to slow down a bit and live life at a more enjoyable pace. (Which, incidentally, she is not succeeding at very well since retiring.. she seems busier than she ever has been, and doesn't seem at all to be frustrated by it!)

Here are just a couple pictures from May 22, when my Sophie went and turned sixteen…


Anyone who knows Sophie knows she is an insatiable cosmetics fiend…


Sophie feels that Marty (and Tilly, of course!) is still the best gift to our home, no matter the celebration…




I love you, Sophie-Joon.



  • Christina

    Such a beautiful young lady. Wow, I remember you posting pictures of a cute little girl starting 6th grade. My dad is the same too, busier now that he is retired than when he was working.

  • Pam Lacey

    Great pics! Thanks for sharing, and taking time out of your schedule to post. I agree that 2016 is flying by too fast. Try to enjoy each moment………………

  • Cathryn

    She is so beautiful, just like all of you. I wish her blessings and a belated Happy Birthday. BTW, your mom is right – don’t miss the ‘moments’ while your planning for the future. -Cathryn

  • Gina G

    Paulette, I have a question about one of your designs, “Cinnamon Stars”. The graph shows the star to the right of the house to be stitched in three colors. The cover model shows the same star stitched in only two colors. I am wondering which is correct. Thanks.

  • Joann McCormick

    I can’t believe that pretty young lady is only 16!
    Happy belated Birthday, Sophie!
    So your mom retired too? I was lasic off over a year ago. Wish I could say I’ve been busy. I am so slow but I’m slowly working on getting rid of things and de-cluttering. Someday soon I need to get in my closet!
    Once the house is done there is still the garage?!!!! Groan!

  • Constance Moser

    Sophie is so beautiful, she must take after her mother. Is she also artistic? On a different note, I have been looking for your chart titled “Ghoul” and cannot find it anywhere. Any ideas where I could buy it? Can’t wait to get your newest designs. Your artistic talent is fabulous.
    One of your many fans,

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