Happy Monday Morning to you!

I recently visited my local cross stitch shop, Reflections Framing and Stitching, which was re-opened a short time ago after moving locations. What a lovely shop it is! Julie and her crew have done an outstanding job of creating a bright and airy-yet-cozy stitching place for anyone in need of a handwork respite. I took my camera along, and here are some things I loved from around the shop…





Julie not only frames her customers' stitched pieces, but is quite creative and talented for those who need different types of framing done..



Here's a closer look at Julie's beautiful arrangement of Little House Needleworks' Little Sheep Virtues…




A different view of what's in the case in the first photo…









As I looked around the shop, my eyes beheld the most beautiful sight.. as a matter of fact, everything else melted away when I saw it…


Ahhh… the magical marriage of stitching and coffee… do you know how much stitching I've gotten done on that combination?

Not a whole lot, because I have difficulty sitting still, but that's beside the point.




I hope you enjoyed my little tour of Reflections. If you're ever in the Omaha area, stop by! The door is almost always open, and there are always new stitching friends to be made. And if you aren't in the area, check out their gorgeous website!

Thank you so much for visiting, and I hope you all have a fantastic day! It's sunny and bright outside, albeit chilly, but Martha and I will head to the lake anyway. The success of my magical combination is in peril if Miss Mary-pants doesn't get her daily sniffy field trip.



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  1. I love LNS’s! I get lost in them, all my cares suddenly disappear. The closest I am to a store is an almost two hour drive away. So thanks for having a link to their website!

  2. Wondering what the name is of the piece done all in white/ecru with multiple buttons? I use my Grandmother’s buttons to embellish pieces I stitch for her grandchildren and even some for the great-great grandkids but would like to do this design for myself. I really enjoy reading your blog. Thanks

  3. The picture of the antiques sewing articles gave me an idea for things I have around that could be displayed! Thank you. Looks like a fun place to shop!

  4. Dear Paulette, thank you for the photos !
    I miss my LNS so much. It closed its doors some years ago. I have to buy online or at the “Nadel und Faden” exhibition.
    In Germany you can find a lot of needlework shops, but they have a little stitching things,a little knitting wool and a little patchwork things. Nothing from that in a good selection.
    The cross stitching range is always so little, that you can´t find anything nice to work.
    The very very good shops with a lot of beautiful things are only a handful over the whole country. Too far away from me.
    Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland von Anja

  5. Thank you so much Paulette for all your kind words about Reflections! Everyone has had such nice things to say and I received a number of calls and emails inquiring about things shown in the pictures you took. I think reading over the comments that all questions were answered except the question asked by Sandy Quarles. The piece you asked about is from Rosewood Manor and it is called Barnwood Buttons. Thanks again Paulette!

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