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The Final Reveal!

Goodness, at the hour! I'm sorry I'm so late!

My final release for market is very special to me.. it is worked in all the colors I love, and in a theme I love most.  I couldn't come up with a proper name to go with A Yuletide Welcome and A Ghoultide Welcome, so this simple title will suffice:

Liberty's Welcome!

Tp 1

Tp 2

Tp 3

Although the model says it was stitched by me, it was actually stitched by Pat Ryan of R&R Reproductions, and in record time. If it were up to me, it wouldn't be released until 2031, because I'm not exactly the world's fastest stitcher.

The beautiful frame is from Sherri Berkman at Total Framing (in Fairfax, VA), and I think she chose the most elegant frame for the piece! It's perfect, Sherri!

Thank you once again for checking back to see what I'll have available at market.. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I need to do some last-minute market prep things (still have stuff to mail!), and hopefully get in some fun stitching for myself over the weekend. 🙂


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