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Sunday Mystery Sampler: Week 2

Here we are again! I'm so happy you're back!

Did you figure out whether you would stitch the charts as ornaments or a sampler? Did you gather all your supplies? Have you already put your first stitches in?

I had several questions this past week, so I will answer just a few of them quickly…

Q: How many skeins do I need of each color?
A: Since I haven't stitched the sampler (and only the first 2 ornaments), I'm honestly not sure. If you're stitching over two threads with ONE strand of floss, then I would say you should be safe with 2 skeins the red and one of each of the others. (Please note: There are only 60 stitches used with the color gold.)

Q: What colors did you use for the gold and the black?
A: I never used those colors, because until this stitchalong, I had not designed or stitched any of the other blocks. So please feel free to choose whichever gold and black you like the best! (And the same goes with the red and green!)

Q: Are the red and green you used (Cranberry and Weathered Vine) cottons or silks?
A: They were silks. Those two colors aren't available in the Classic Colorworks (formerly Belle Soie) line of cotton fibers.

Q: Will there be an additional border around the sampler layout?
A: There will be no additional border, unless you'd like to add one yourself (which would be fun!).

If there is anything I haven't covered in any of my previous few blog posts, let me know, and I'll get back to you!

And now it's time for your Week 2 chart! I hope you enjoy stitching Four Calling Birds.. and I've added an interesting little note on this particular lyric on your chart. 🙂

Week 2 Sampler Layout

Click here to print the Fourth Day chart: Download Four Calling Birds

Thank you again for stopping by, and enjoy your week!


  • Carin

    Thank you for answering all the questions.
    I do had one of my own (posted in the first post of these patterns).
    I was wondering, …. in the magazine day second is in mirror image of the one you show above.
    Is there a reason for?

  • Judi Fischer

    I so love these patterns. I am placing them around the border of an afghan and putting a Scandinavian design sampler of St. Nicholas in the center. I wish I could attach a picture as it is so lovely. Judi Fischer

  • Linda

    I’m enjoying this Paulette, thank you. I’m doing ornaments and have started Three French Hens. The first two days are stitched.

  • Melody Bryan

    I shouldn’t admit how stupid I am but all my whole life – I thought the song was 4 calling birds – I never knew it was 4 colly birds meaning black birds – duh! thanks for that Paulette and for your beautiful designs! I will probably do ornaments and since I have the silks originally used – I will probably stitch all mine in silks but might use some creative freedom on the colors as we go along. I already know I’d like to use Gloriana Florimell Antique black for the 4 Colly birds – cheers and thanks Mel

  • Annie Haynes

    I am stitching these lovely designs separately rather than as a sampler. I plan to finish them as little pillows and put them in a basket or bowl, similar to your delightful Serial bowl concept. Thanks for these fun free designs! May I ask the significance of the crown motif? I’m thinking it might be symbolic of Christ the King, but I’d really like to know. Thanks again, Paulette!

  • Katherine M. in Austin

    Thank you for this latest design! I am really thrilled that you are finishing out this series. A friend of mine collected books of carols and Christmas songs and “four
    colly birds” is the line in all of them.

  • Teresa Graue

    Thanks for another great design! I’m almost finished with Third Day so I’m not falling too far behind – yet! I’m making individual ornaments, using same base fabric but using various left-over floss from many other completed projects. I’m so glad to use up those beautiful partial spools of green and red floss, in cotton, silk, variegated and solids. Each ornament is unique but complementary to each other. Love it!

  • Stitching Noni

    I still can’t decide how to stitch them… I love the idea of the sampler, but then I think individual pillow ornies is a great idea! I must get myself sorted out though otherwise I will not even have started before Christmas let alone finished!
    Thank you for another lovely design :o)
    Hugs xx

  • Jackie

    I haven’t started yet. I have to use the printer at the library to download the charts. (I am printer-less right now.) I’ll do them as little pillows too. Thank you so much for the chart!

  • Judi Fischer

    I just finished Fourth Day and I do believe that the 1st green snowflake is missing the bottom stitch, easy to fix. I can’t wait for day 5. Thanks again, Judi Fischer

  • Rebecca C.

    Hi, searched your site trying to find a way to contact you but couldn’t find one. I am with an EGA chapter and would like to feature your new Mystery Sampler in our newsletter but need your permission. What is your policy on this? Will you even allow it?

  • Jennifer Stumpf

    Paulette, I can’t find an email to send you so will ask here– this is off the wall but back at the Shepherd’s Retreat in 2012, you made up a little pin keep called She Maketh Willingly With Her Hands. I am wondering if this will be released at any time? I love it so much and really want to make it!! Thank you.

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