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BYOF – Sampler Lesson Three

Here we go! It's the third little design to add to your bowlful of stitched goodies! This is the third Sampler Lesson, with a verse borrowed from one sometimes found on old samplers:

The daily labors of the bee awake my soul to industry.

There are countless wonderful verses on samplers stitched by young girls from so long ago, and I truly enjoy using them in my own designs. (I'm not so sure those young girls always stitched their verses for pleasure, however!)

Sampler Lesson 3 Cover Photo

As with the other Bring Your Own Fabric kits, this pack will include the threads and trim to complete the piece; you will need to supply your own fabric. All stitches used are full crosses over 2 threads, so those of you who prefer Aida will have no problems!

Many of you have asked how many kits will be in the series. To clarify, there is the Serial Bowl Collection, which includes the Sampler Lessons Series, as well as several other series that are on the drawing board (one of them being Christmas-themed kits). In the Sampler Lessons Series, there will be a total of 5 designs; I'm unsure if all 5 will be released this year, but if not, then they will certainly be completed in 2016. I'm hoping that each of the other series will also have around 5 designs, so that you'll at least have some seasonal collections, if you choose.

Have I completely confused you? I blame it on Martha's energy levels.

Even though she's sleeping at my feet right now.

This third installment of the Sampler Lessons will be shipping to shops on my auto on August 7th, as well as two new releases, which I will show you in the next couple of days!

Thank you for stopping by, and as always, I thank you tremendously for your lovely comments and emails.  I'll be back soon!



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